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A Tale of Tabanca

18 March, 2014 Leave a comment

Natasha explains the phenomenon of “tabanca.” True Trinidadians and Carnival revelers need no explanation…



5 February, 2014 Leave a comment

Carnival Tabanca
Videomentary by: Bunji Garlin
Directed by: Walt Lovelace & Curtis Popplewell
Produced by: Beach House Entertainment
Filmed with 14 cameras Friday afternoon, downtown Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago.
Camera Operators:
Christian Compton
Colin Peters
Declan LeeLoo
Gabriel Nagee
Jamal Edwards
Jason Riley
Jermald Compton
Jerome Ali-Salandy
Kerry Gibbons
Michael Amoroso
Richard Voisin
Shea Best
Zahra Gibbons
Special thanks to:
Marc Loregnard
Kharim Matthias
Kenneth Bailey
Enrique Ali
Lance Smith
Diyanand Persaud
Darren Millien
Paul Charles
Faye Ann Lyons Alvarez
Dexter Thomas
Keron “Sheriff” Thompson
His Worship The Mayor of Port of Spain
The City of Port Of Spain
Port of Spain City Police
Brain Lara Promenade Management Co.
Advance Dynamics Ltd.
Trinidad Movie Equipment Rental Company Ltd.

Rihanna – Rated R

13 November, 2009 4 comments

RiRi has been able to have some great writers on tap after happening to be in the right place at the right time to launch her career… yeah she landed in HOVA’s lap and that’s even better than being found by Diddy… but she also had to come out from behind Beyonce who has been tearing up the charts like no other female before her… i dunno if its the thunder thighs or if they really have talent but something certainly has people interested in seeing and hearing them both…

RiRi has certainly grown up since we first heard her asking the DJ to play it Pon de RePlay… allegedly having nude pics Pon de Internet… grown up so much now that its Rated R… after being bludgeoned by Chris Brown… she has emerged with this new album… making an appearance on the tele to speak about her own personal ‘domestic affairs‘ will certainly not hamper album sales coz it tends to get your name out there… any publicity is good publicity… especially when playing the role of victim… anyway we eh dealing with ‘domestic affairs’ here… album review time… just know that i sometimes get it wrong but generally am right… but they way i done see ppl reacting to Destra’s Fireworks i may be wrong… or just honest like WuzDeScene… song may be crap but the piper called Urban Radio will soon convert me…

Rihanna - Rated R (album cover)

  • Mad House is some trippy DubStep… as an intro…
  • Wait Your Turn… damn RiRi using expletives… chatting in patois… or as we say dialect… well kinda… choon kinda slow pace but me think the lyrics aight…
  • Hard with Jeezy… this choon i find it HARD… prob cause I had it fuh about a week b4 and was banging it… kinda choon that would be banging in the CLUB… infectious beat…
  • Stupid in LOVE… sound like a choon of reflection… i feel the ladies will be playing this when they break up with they fella… i not really feeling the emotion in the choon… just singing lyrics… will be playing on the overnight sessions tho…
  • RockSTAR 101 with Slash… a next slow pace song… if the BPMs were a bit faster i could get into this… “Neva played a Victim”… have some kinda ‘racy’ lyrics in a verse… guess this is waiting for the DANCE remix to become a big choon… it has that potential…
  • Russian Roulette… unno know this choon done big already… i kinda feeling the emotion lil bit… have to play this some more… it kinda reminds me of a choon Sting sang… watch it here
  • Fire Bomb… me likey this choon from its intro… it have things i look for… strings… piano strings… this should be a big choon… and it should also be a crossover hit… mening across genres… this _ish aint Hip-Pop… madly… so far my fav choon… “coz this thing is ready tuh BLOW“… real MTV/VH1 track…
  • Rude Boy… was waiting for the track to bring RiRi back to the West Indian roots… Southern Style riddim with the Caribbean term… and lyric structure… nothing to hard to remember… kinda like Wave Wave Wave… hmmm… Beyonce Soldier choon just pop inna me head… seeing the dance steps everything… dang… you go RiRi… this will be playing in the Clubs in T&T…
  • Photographs with Will.I.Am… did i mention that choons that start off with strings immediately grab my attention… album definitely getting better for me… all i got is nothing without you… one of my favourite lines ever… nice choon about memories… its a kinda tabanca choon but the beat has its pace to not be too sad.. another DANCE remix that i would wanna get…
  • G4L… the strong ladies choon… here it is… lets roll ladies… we Gangsta 4 LIFE… the other song with an expletive… Revenge is SWEET
  • Te Amo… a kinda weak attempt at reggaeton or any other latin music… somebody tell me what she say… thats how i feel about this track… maybe my least fav on the album… yes i like the Mad House intro more… even if it have string…
  • Cold Case Love… what TOFLO said… while i was listening to the album… the choon has proper structure… and _ish i like… piano, strings, beat drop… orchestra kinda thing…
  • the Last Song… finally… was now starting to get bored… great title… its like the song that plays when the credits are rolling at the end of a really good movie… one of the better choonz on the album… me likey… me likey much… the lyrics are damn good… and it have a real nice guitar solo… kinda song i would LOVE to hear LIVE… with a FULL ORCHESTRA… not a five piece band…

album flows well tho… nice overall pace… tracks move into each other very well… kinda album that could get played whole day and you might not realise it… but it isnt Rated R… more like PG13… more info here if you want it…

13 track PROMO on Friday 13th…

Facebook Song

5 May, 2009 6 comments

a Facebook Song, Trinidad & Tobago reggae Version

Tabanca Fiesta

14 February, 2009 3 comments

On this St. Valentine’s Day I trying to deliver two in one… For those who don’t have anyone to celebrate with or have a tabanca… and today is Calypso Fiesta in Skinner’s Park San Fernando.

an extreme sadness and/or a depression following one’s breakup or seperation from one’s significant other.

Calypsonians who will vie for a place in the Dimanche Gras face the National Calypso Monarch semi-final, dubbed Calypso Fiesta

  • Ann Marie Parks-Kojo (Twiggy) – One for Obama
  • Anthony Hendrickson (All Rounder) – Help Your Children First
  • Arnold Jordan (Jaw’d) – My Delinquent Son
  • Brian London – A Nation’s Son
  • Candice Robinson – In Spite Of
  • Carlos James (Skatie) – On Solid Ground
  • Chutbert George – Wizard of ID
  • The Singing Madman (Devon Seale) – Spirit of Calypso
  • Dexter Parsons (The Stinger) – Our Environmental Engineers
  • Dianne Hendrickson (Lady Wonder) – Ah Love It Bad
  • Edwin Ayoung (Crazy) – Ahead of The Time
  • Errol Ballantyne (Bally) – Amigo
  • Eunice Peters – Why Lord
  • Francine Edwards (Singing Francine) – Turn Things Around
  • Francis Jackman (Flashy Dan) – Clean up Paradise
  • Hollis Liverpool (Chalkdust) – Ah Not In Dat
  • Irwin Johnson (Scrunter) – Change Yuh Life
  • Jervae Ceasar – Buy Local
  • Joanne Rowley (Tigress) – Yuh Ent See Wajang Yet
  • Karen Eccles – Pull Them Square
  • Karene Asche – Bablyon
  • Kizzie Ruiz – Class Language
  • Kurt Allen – Cutting Back
  • Leslie-Ann Ellis – De New Yard
  • Mark John (Contender) – Yuh Cyar Buy One
  • Nicole Thomas – Embrace Your Role
  • Roderick Gordon (Mr. Chucky) – Mud Glorious Mud
  • Sandra Des Vignes-Millington (Singing Sandra) – Ghetto of Your Mind
  • Sean Daniel – Think Again
  • Shamika Denoon – Are These My Shoes
  • Sheldon Bullen Nugget – Things We Must Raise
  • Victor Mc Donald (Mr. Mack) – Cry Babies
  • Vivian Lockhart (Young Poser) – They Not Coming Back
  • Waltor Taylor – Ordinary Fella
  • Wendell Etienne – In The Name of True Calypso
  • Weston Rawlins (Cro Cro) – Ah Feeling Shame Shame
  • Winston Peters (Gypsy) – Supply And Demand
  • Winston Scarborough (D’Original De Fosto Himself) – Could We Rise Again


  • Alpha John (Bro Alpha) – Understanding Is The Problem
  • Winston Bailey (Shadow) – Estacy
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