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19 January, 2012 1 comment



Farmer Nappy – You Make Me
Edit: Cowin Thorpe
Cam: Gabriel Ti. Nagee/Declan Leeloo
Dir: Peter C. Lewis

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Fools Can’t Surf

8 December, 2011 3 comments


Local Pro Surfer Chris Dennis takes time every weekend to help teach these young kids to surf and also tries to help them read and learn in a positive way.

The Title “Fools Can’t Surf” came from a saying that Chris has with the kids because before they are allowed to surf they have to do some sort of fun educational activity whether it be reading a surf magazine or learning new words.

He collects broken and hand me down boards and repairs them with any materials available just to get another kid on the water. This is their story.

Smooth Groove

7 April, 2011 1 comment

well i eh have the joys associated with having a VaJayJay like WuzDeScene but i found this product interesting…


Women can rejoice — our very last wardrobe malfunction has now been addressed!

SmoothGroove is a comfortable, hygienically safe and discreet solution to Camel Toe, and fits easily and securely into underwear to provide a reassuringly smooth outline. It’s been designed to work with the natural movement of the body and prevents clothing from riding up at the front.

For more information or to purchase this product please visit

SteelBand PANORAMA Results 2011

6 March, 2011 5 comments

Large Bands

  1. Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars – 278 points
  2. Sagicor Exodus – 276 points
  3. PCS Silver Stars – 275 points
  4. Caribbean AirlinesInvaders & Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove (tie) – 273 points
  5. NLCB Fonclaire – 271 points
  6. Witco Desperadoes & Petrotrin SipariaDeltones (tie) – 270 points
  7. RBC/RBTT Redemption Sound Setters – 268 points
  8. Starlift – 265 points

Medium Band

  1. Katzenjammers & Valley Harps (tie) – 275 points
  2. NLCB Buccooneers – 269 points
  3. Courts Sound Specials of Laventille – 268 points
  4. Pan Elders – 266 points
  5. Sangre Grande Cordettes – 258 points
  6. Arima Angel Harps and Steel Xplosion (tie) – 257 points
  7. Pamberi and Power Stars (tie) 255 points
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