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Machel Montano – Ministry of Road

21 February, 2014 Leave a comment

Directed by Machel Montano & Cowin Thorpe
Cameras by Gabriel Nagee & Cowin Thorpe

Song Written by Jelani “Pops” Shaw, Kasey Phillips, Nikholai Greene & Machel Montano
Produced & Mixed by P.A.G.E., Precision Productions & Machel Montano
Background Vocals by Nikita Browne, Jenna De Leon & Jelani Shaw
Mastered by Mike Wells, CA

2014 All Rights Reserved


and the 2011 Winners are

9 March, 2011 Leave a comment

Downtown J’ouvert

  1. Waka Waka Africa – East Side Plaza Association 418
  2. Baby Talk 394
  3. Public Services Association 381

Senior Mini

  1. Play The Mas – The Original Jab Jab 1199
  2. Son of a Waitress – Jab Molassie 1134
  3. Indians are coming – Village People 1114

Seniors Small

  1. Beauty Beneath The Sea – Belmont Original Stylish Sailors1203
  2. Gathering of the First People – Tribal Connections 1193
  3. Greece the Legacy – the Belmont Jewels 1036

Seniors Medium

  1. Survivors – Ronnie and Caro 1190
  2. Village Life – Rosalind Gabriel and Associates 1177
  3. The Latin Flavour – the Harvard Revelers Inc 1173

Seniors Large (George Bailey Band of The Year)

  1. Humanity: Circle Of Life – Brian Mac Farlane 1335
  2. Tales Of Merry Old EnglandTrini Revelers 1278
  3. South Pacific – LEGACY 1198
  4. Colour of Green – Showtime Trinidad

also check the posts on ROAD March, Dimanche Gras which has Calypso Monarch, SteelBand PANORAMA, SOCA Monarch and various Calypso Category Winners for 2011.

ADVANTAGE takes ROAD March 2011

8 March, 2011 2 comments

i calling it… no need to count… whether you were by a judging point, watching on television or even‘s livestream… it win… ADVANTAGE had the advantage of lyrics that people could sing along to as well as trample, stamp, jump… what else could a masquerader ask for…horse shit

horse shit

Benjai came second with 107 plays followed by 61 for Neil Iwer George in turd…

oh yeah… the BOY got 410

Advantage Machel Montano HD

28 January, 2011 1 comment

its up to Mr. High Def to now deliver… the masses are beside themselves calling it hit or miss…. i eh feeling it as a POWER SOCA Monarch buh yuh never know… the Taipan have a whole five weeks to deliver a bess performance on Fantastic Friday… as to if the song was LEAKED… LOL… complete with two differing official PROMO artwork… please… so its up to all other comers coz Heysus has again lived up to top billing and created a whole heap of HYPE!!!

Machel Montano Advantage Leaked email

Machel Montano Advantage Leaked 01


16 February, 2010 4 comments

its not official as yet but i’m pretty sure that will be the winning song… my personal best song for the road was Machel Monatno’s No Behaviour… the Precision Production Extended RoadMix to be precise… i hope a music video soon follows…

so early congrats to JW & Blaze… i only hope yall could do justice to SOCA Monarch 2011 by having a genuinely good song to defend the title with… else it’ll be another SOCA monarch first… no title defence…

check out everything PALANCE related here on uStream…

see what i was referring to… even the NCC stopped counting…
No stopping Palance in Road March race

JW & Blaze – Palance 417
FayAnne Lyons – True Lies 40
Machel Montano – No Behaviour 11


12 February, 2010 Leave a comment

this is the followup to the DEMO that was posted… took out some added others… played some tracks too long others too short… some were out of phase but this is the final SOCA TRAKTOR Licence MIX that i will be attempting before Trinidad Carnival 2010 comes to an end next Tuesday night… hope you enjoy it…

take a listen or download it…TRAKTOR Licence… 2010 #SOCA mix…

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=trinidad+carnival&iid=1708802″ src=”c/2/1/b/Daily_Life_In_6a32.jpg?adImageId=10208852&imageId=1708802″ width=”500″ height=”344″ /]

Track List: SOCA TRAKTOR Licence MIX

100.3MB – 70m42sec

Num. Artist Title
01 the Uncle Sam Signal Di Bumper
02 Buffy Buffy & Thick
03 Maximus Dan Feat. Mx Prime Fallin’
04 Zeek feat. Konshens Bubble It (remix)
05 Olatunji So Ah Love It
06 Daryl Braxton Lavway Riddim Instrumental
07 Super Jigga TC The Tribute
08 Patrice Roberts Wining Specialist
09 Nadia Batson Yuh Really Wanna
10 3Suns Nadia
11 Lil Bitts Careful
12 Tian Winter Gimme A Taste
13 Shurwayne Winchester Murdah
14 Miss TC Hot Sun & Riddim
15 Machel Montano feat. Serani Hot Like Pepper
16 Machel Montano HD Bumper To Fender (M.Williams ROADmix)
17 Version Palacho Riddim
19 5 Star Akil Bumper
20 3Suns Gyal Clown
21 MadMen Madd Frog Version
22 Problem Child Gyal Wuk Up
23 Mr. Vegas Wireless
24 Bunji Garlin Rag Overload
25 Nadia Batson feat. Ms. Alysha Doh Lie
26 Nadia Batson feat. Black Stalin Trouble
27 FayAnn Lyons feat. 3 Canal & Bro. Resistance Judgement Day
28 Mista Vybe The Oil Pan Song
29 Bunji Garlin Not Me
30 FayAnn Lyons Start Wining
31 Machel Montano Not Going Home
32 Farmer Nappy & Kerwin Du Bois Pavement
33 Swappi Mi Nah Go Play (M.Williams ROADmix)
34 Zan Higher Mass
36 Buffy Anything
37 Zuki & Tim Tim Red Over
38 DESTRA Fireworks
39 Skinny Fabulous feat. Machel Montano Getting On
40 Kes the Band and Nadia Batson Heaven (Razorshop ROADmix)
41 JW & Blaze Palance (Shot Master J ROADmix)
42 Shal Marshall feat. Screws Police (ROADmix)
43 Devon Mathews Iron (ROADmix)
44 FayAnn Lyons Iron & Steel (Scratch Master ROADmix)
45 Machel Montano No Behaviour (ROADmix) Extended Version
46 3 Canal Jam It
47 Blaxx Zombie (Razorshop ROADmix)
48 Blaxx Hunting (ROADmix)
49 Bunji Garlin Brave (ROADmix)
50 FayAnn Lyons True Lies (ROADmix)


10 February, 2010 1 comment

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=traktor&iid=2779242″ src=”6/9/3/5/45.JPG?adImageId=10129559&imageId=2779242″ width=”500″ height=”331″ /]

something i did in the headphones last night while learning the transport controls in TRAKTOR hence the name TRAKTOR Licence… click and download and check it out…

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