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19 February, 2014 1 comment

#Culturejammer #rapsonation
RemBunction ft Brother Resistance & Kindred
Rapso is a form of Trinidadian music that grew out of the social unrest of the 1970s. It has been described as “de power of de word in the riddim of de word”. Though often described as a fusion of native soca and calypso with American hip hop, rapso is uniquely Trinidadian­on

The name RemBunction has been synonymous with creativity and talent throughout his over 20 years in the Trinidad & Tobago music industry. He is a contemporary artiste who unabashedly describes himself as ‘deliberately undefined.’ He blends several musical genres including calypso, soca, rhythm and blues and rap to create his own unique and distinct sound.



14 February, 2014 Leave a comment

From the album, 50 and Going Strong.
Recorded at Jamoo Studios, Trinidad.
Written and performed by Abbi Blackman.
Produced by Isaac Blackman and Abbi Blackman.
Mixed by Isaac Blackman.
Mastered by GMasters.
Directed By Remy

Abbi Blackman is the oldest child of Sokah Music Creator, Lord Shorty and Jamoo Innovator, Ras Shorty I and also a: teacher, mother, songwriter, dancer, fashion entrepreneur and designer, costume and creative designer and Women’s Rights Advocate.

She became the Youngest EVER National Calypso Queen at age 14 in 1979 with “Young and Moving On” and won the prestigious Calypso Queen title again in 2005 with “Ah Seeing” and “Oh Man”. The multi-talented artisan has traveled and toured extensively throughout the world and she represented Trinidad at the 4th World Conference on Women, which was held in China in 1995. After earning numerous top level placements in local competitions and music festivals, she also placed fifth in last year’s “Independence Calypso Competition” and currently teaches music and dance to the next generation at Guayaguayare Secondary School.

To celebrate her 50th birthday, she will release a project entitled “50 and Going Strong”, which is also the theme for a commemorative concert to be held on her birthday at Queen’s Hall on August 8, 2014

RemBunction – NONE FUH YUH

9 November, 2012 Leave a comment

Soca Parang 2012 by RemBunction featuring Viva Nueva

live Instrumentation and background vocals from Viva Nueva parang Group (NPATT 2012 instrumental champions)

Written by Enrico Camejo and Roland Yearwood
Produced by RemBunction and Enrico Di Gittarman
Recorded by Reon “The Juggernaut” Labadie @ Studio 12
Mixed and Mastered by Richard “Charsu” Ahong @ Da Crib Studios

Marketing and Promotions: BIRA BIRO LLC
©COTT 2012

Rapso One – Rembunction, Curious Ringo f. Rhyno Sparxx

13 January, 2010 1 comment

Remy Rembunction – Done Dat, Curious Ringo f. Rhyno Sparxx – Trini Dialect. Rapso One riddim. All rights reserved Detnator Entertainment Limited.

Born To Shine

30 July, 2009 4 comments

this is the throwback and its followed by a remake…

Remake of a Carol Addison Classic. Done this time alongside new age Calypso superstar Remy RemBunction with brand new vocals from Carol Addison herself.

Produced by Giandre Diaz for BurningBush Studios
Vocals: Remy & Carol Addison
Background Vocals: Nehilet Blackman
Guitars: Jason Bishop
programming: Giandre Diaz

Gyptian – Love Against The Wall

14 March, 2009 5 comments

don’t forget the Corner Bar is the location for the jump off of Where is the LOVE?

The Where Is the Love? Committee headed by Fridge and Tim Starr would like take this opportunity to extend sincerest appreciation for the love and support you have shown for the W.I.T. Love campaign so far.

This Saturday (March 14) at the Corner Bar 3Canal, Maximus Dan, Rizon, Kees, Fireball, Mista Vybe, Collis Duranty, Russel Leonce, Singing Sandra, Spotrushaz and H2O Phlo will pledge their support to this campaign in song. Popular 94.1 FM Radio DJs Rawkus and Dale Lutchman will also be in attendance and Wendell Manwarren of 3Canal will serve as the MC.

On Saturday, we will also be launching the Where Is The Love? video which was produced by Remy ‘Rembunction’ along with a new version of the theme song which was remixed by Richard ‘Charsu’ Ahong.

Come down to the Corner Bar on Saturday and join us as we breathe life into this concept which will infuse love, compassion and a sense of belonging to all those who care to get involved, accept responsibility and take this to another level.

See You There…

Where is the LOVE?

7 March, 2009 3 comments

“WHERE IS THE LOVE?” (facebook group)

“Unity”, “harmony”, “humility”, “my brother’s keeper”… just a few words that would ideally sum up the unique qualities of human beings. However, in Trinidad & Tobago, it can be noted that the animal kingdom represents these traits more-so than our very own citizens. Crime, disrespect of the person, and dishonesty is tearing through our social fabric at all levels of society. They are disrupting the blessings nature bestowed upon our beautiful culturally rich islands. There will be an eternal upheaval against crime and its offspring. So as concerned and empowered TRINBAGONIANS this is our stance; this is our SCREAM for justice, accountability and compassion; a search for that truly unifying trait of human beings… LOVE.

“Where is the Love?” is the campaign that starts with ME. I am responsible for MY behaviour, MY future. From this understanding of MY responsibilities as a human being, together we shall spread this message throughout our land, bringing together the essential virtues that binds us as Caribbean people, putting our culture to work as the adhesive – through music, theatre, art and literature – we shall campaign for a unified stance against the deterioration of our very essence. “Where is the Love?” will stand up against those who are misguided by mischief and empower them to make successes of their lives.

Come on, let us spread the love. Let’s give someone a helping hand, let us make a stand… together.

L. O. V. E. 20/20 Vision:

Saturday, March 14, 2009 at 8:00pm
@ The Corner Bar, Ariapita Avenue, Woodbrook

Where is the Love?

Where is the LOVE?

Where is the LOVE?

On March 14th, long after the dust and powder clears in Port of Spain, San Fernando and Arima, the heart of Trinidad & Tobago continues to beat, probably at the unhealthy, hesitant rhythm of a troubled people. Yes, we may have put our fear and anxiety aside to jump and wine, but the fact is, the murder rate peaked at 550 last year and is already more than 90 for 2009. This is not right….This is not the way a healthy, cultured country should be living.

We are here to create the change, to be the catalyst and to take this movement forward, the movement that represents the journey to recuperation – Where is the Love?

The Corner Bar will play host to an historic event in 2009. Lead by local artistes D’Fridge (H2O Phlo) and Tim Starr (Spotrushaz), the Where is the Love? campaign will kick off with a massive tribute by local artistes including H2O Phlo, Spotrushaz, 3 Canal, Rizon, Ziggy Rankin and Maximus Dan! We have all come together to make a positive change, starting in the capital and spreading throughout the country, extending to every village, every corner, reaching every home and we believe that we will create the change necessary to get us loving each other again!

Where is the Love? is about empowering, educating and enriching the lives of those who have strayed from the respectful path. We want to show our youth that there is MEANING in life, that opportunities abound to create enriched lives, that a prosperous future is to be had by all.

Where is the Love? is a movement, a love revolution that everyone should be part of, because this affects YOU!

Be at the Corner Bar on March 14th to experience the vibes, hear the message, join us as we seek an answer to the question… Where is the Love?

lyrics by Jason Seecharan & Tim Starr

I don’t know what’s really going on,
everything seems like it’s going wrong,
a lot of craziness in the world today,
young kids losing focus going astray,
tell me why, there’s more lying,
tell me why, there’s more dying,
tell me why, the parents are crying everyday,
tell me why, people are hurting,
tell me why, there’s more pain and suffering,
tell me why, people like they have lost their way,

where’s the love
where’s the love
come on let us spread the love,
please give someone a helping hand,
where’s the love
where’s the love
come on let us spread the love,
come on my people make a stand,
where’s the love
where’s the love
come on let us spread the love,
put God close to your heart today,
where’s the love
where’s the love
come on let us spread the love,
his love will never go away,

Verse 2
I don’t know why we can’t live as one,
the whole world feels like it’s upside down,
only poverty hatred and greed,
instead of helping those who are in need,
tell me why, the rich get richer,
tell me why, the poor get’s poorer,
tell me why, there’s no peace and no love anywhere,
tell me why, there’s racialism,
tell me why, young kids in prison,
tell me why, there’s domestic violence everywhere,


Had a dream mankind’s on a mission,
to put peace and love on the shelf for extinction,
could’nt feel love cause now my heart’s missing,
scars on my chest where they made the incision,
wrote this pg cause the kids listen,
L O V E that’s the new mission,
lifespan of a black man with no vision,
is shorter than the legs walking round on a pigeon,
rich man’s on the boat somewhere fishing,
but i’ll take the heat cause i work in the kitchen,
trini to the bone bones break in collision,
L O V E 20/20 vision,

Hook (twice)
come on give a helping hand, (let’s come together)
spread the love here if you can, (support one another)
too much fighting everyday, (show love for your brother)
don’t you know love is the way, (show love for your sister)
help the people who are in need, (people are dying)
too much war hatred and greed, (people are crying)
if you feel you’ve lost your way, (stop all the fighting)
put love in your heart today,
where’s the love,
bring back the love,
i want some love,
bring back the love,

Chorus 2
where’s the love,
where’s the love,
come on let us spread the love,
help your brother, help your sister,
where’s the love,
where’s the love,
come on let us spread the love,
i wanna know i wanna know,
where’s the love,
where’s the love,
come on let us spread the love,
spread some love here today,
where’s the love,
where’s the love,
come on let us spread the love,
put God, in your heart today.

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