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Precision Productions releases We Muzik Vol 5

1 March, 2014 Leave a comment


From Soca Royalty, to much-loved stars, and even exciting newcomers, the Precision team has consistently kept its fans on their toes at the end of every Carnival season, in breathless anticipation of a collection of music that can be enjoyed all year round.

This year, We Muzik, Vol 5, Trinidad and Tobago, not only lives up to, but also surpasses all of those expectations. 

Double Monarch holder Machel Montano, appears along with Queen of Bacchanal Destra Garcia, in addition to such talented artists as Blaxx, Kees Dieffenthaller, Isaac Blackman, Nadia Batson, Patrice Roberts, Lyrikal, and Lil’Bitts. 

Also featured on this release are two of the most popular acts in the region, Mr. Killa and Skinny Fabulous, as well as the amazing Dancehall performer, Aidonia, who makes his debut in the Soca arena on the hit-filled Sun Dance Riddim. 

Radio personalities 5Star Akil, Jaigá, Devon Matthews, and Sekon Sta keep the energy flowing and lively on this compilation with their single songs alongside their crowd favourites on the Sando, Emergency, and Sun Dance Riddims. 

Not to be left out, newcomers Preedy and GBM Nutron, (already a well respected producer in his own right) successfully transition from soca-writers extraordinaire to bonafide soca-artists on this very album, which also includes the top Road March contenders M.O.R, Mash Up, and Run To D Front. 

Available right now! Make sure to get your CD in store or at all major digital distributors!

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Destra Garcia – Mash Up

24 January, 2014 Leave a comment

Video Directed and Produced by Denithy.
Performed by Destra Garcia.
Written by Patrick ‘Mista Vybe’ Gordon and Destra Garcia.
Co-Written by Kasey Phillips.
Produced & Mixed by Precision Productions.
Mastered by Mike Wells, CA.

Music Video – Erphaan Alves – Ram and Full (Part 1)

10 January, 2014 Leave a comment

RAM AND FULL by Erphaan Alves

Written by Erphaan Alves
Recorded at Nutation Records
Produced by Precison Prod. & Erphaan Alves
Mastered by Johann Season
SOCA 2014
COTT 2014

VID Credit
Camera : Mus Iz, Shayad Plexx Andrews, Kay Jay, Tonez Uzamaki
Edit Mus Iz
Directed by Erphaan Alves
Ad. Footage provided by Carnival Live TV



RAM AND FULL Lyrics by Erphaan Alves

(ah na na na na)
I love you

Mas in d air and I like it
Somebody pass me a rag quick
Mih bottle it heavy and ah jus grab it
Mih head getting drastic

Ah gettin on whole day
And when yuh see I infront da stage
Ah tell yuh doh hold me
Security let me go let me make some love up in here

Ah tell yuh is banners so and so
(Dem waving by d truck)

Masqueraders so and so
(Dem jumping up by d truck)

And d ting go ring pang pang pa rih-ting dey
(Dem knocking by d truck)

Dedicated to every masquerader gone
(Dem winin up by d truck)

And we singing everybody!

C 2
It Ram it Ram and full
When we link up by d corner

It Ram it Ram and full
Everybody in disorder

It ram it ram and full

Carnival I love you
When all ah dem woman jump in d band
All ah dem woman in d section
Yes I Love you
I come to release all meh stress
And my costume looking d best

Is mas till I dead (Play)
Will never regret (Play)
Just give me dat soca (Play)
It have nothing better (Play)
I just come to jump and wave (Wave)
I just come to wine up
Ah say let me go let me make some love up in here!








EMERGEncy riddim

19 June, 2013 1 comment

emergency riddim precision productions

emergency riddim precision productions

With every inhaled breath, palpable tension swarms through the barely restrained bodies of restless masqueraders.One can feel the energy of multiple island summer festivals throbbing in the air, and the stirring of riotous feet awaiting that particular fuel needed to propel them across the black carpets of the Caribbean.Precision Productions has listened attentively and using all of these emotions has conjured one rhythmic inoculation that is sure to relieve the entire region.

This cure comes in the declared release of the “Emergency Riddim”.

As the musical alarms sound off, a masterful team of artists is called in and placed on siren duty, each with a specific mission in mind.

In charge of sharing tactical information is St. Lucia‘s current Groovy King, Teddyson “TJ” John, who alongside his crafty writing partner, Telvin John, hooks all with “Backa”, which is Lucian slang for “Your Crew” and is one part must-have fete list, one part declaration of no-safe-gyration zone, and one part urgent road instruction.

Meanwhile Fya Empress, the first ever triple Monarch title holder in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, shows off her skill as she whips feters into a fevered state, with “We Ready”, which was written by the dynamic duo of Akeem “Preedy” Chance and Stephanas “Steffy” Ramgattie of WiiMAD fame.

Majesty continues to reign as the Caribbean Queen of Bacchanal, Destra, joins the rumble intent on leaving nothing behind but dust in the frenetic “Mash Up” that was authored by Patrick “Mista Vybe” Gordon.

Bacchanal rules in the middle of all this action as St Lucia’s 2010 Power Soca Monarch and Road March King, DJ HP, delivers an energetic illustration of the scenario painted by Mista Vybe who does double writing duty in this riddim, showing off his witty side, this time, in the mauvaise langue tummy-tickler “Maddd Again”.

Now with this sure remedy flowing through the atmosphere, one question… are you ready to be charged with aiding and abetting this Precision Soca Emergency?

©Mystie Thongs

The StarDance Riddim

13 March, 2013 Leave a comment

The StarDance Riddim
Produced by Ashwin ‘Smash’ Seegobin
Mixed and Mastered by Precision Productions.

Combining his Trinibagonian roots with a very English upbringing the newest member of the Precision Productions team has spun a wondrous musical web to seductively enfold listeners from the Caribbean to beyond the great pond.
Ashwin “Smash” Seegobin’s StarDance Riddim, is an energetic culmination of 18 months of careful training as a producer and engineer at Precision. With Soca and mainstream Dance music being the strongest influences on him, he created this riddim as a way to meld the feel of music from TnT to the throbbing energies he experienced in London. The result being an exhibition of exotic melodies only such an eclectic background could generate.
Emboldened by his previous release with Jrod Records, the Cosmic Riddim, Smash enlisted a range of talented voices to give flight to his tuneful ambitions.
These include the very Caribbean cast of Tian Winter, Dale Saunders, Cherise Ransome, Fireball, Ricardo Drue ft Crissanji, and Nikisha.
This thrilling blend of enchanting production work with this uniquely gifted collection of singers gives this riddim a sure place on international charts as well as in all discerning music-loving hearts.

©Mystie Thongs

I actually find the majority of songs kinda weak. Fireball’s voice makes his song stand out for me. I guess this StarDance Riddim needs for me to be popping Mollys to be So High I’ll be Levitating and walking/dancing amongst the Stars…

Production is nice tho… maybe some radio/driving along the coast choons… i’ll keep playing it and program myself to like it… I LOVED COSMIC!!!


6 November, 2012 Leave a comment

the TrinBago leg of Precision Productions Full Throttle riddim is up for you listening pleasure. There is also the Project 5 that features Machel Montano, Benjai, Denise ‘Saucy’ Belfon, Patrice Roberts and Michelle X.



look out for my Wonda Woman riddiMIX from the studio of Sherriff Mumbles & J-Rod Records later this week.

Sneaky Guy in Paradise

27 October, 2012 Leave a comment

Imagine your sweetest dream, wrapped up in a favourite memory, covered in your most secret of decadent cravings, all put to music that just lifts you up and takes you far away to a place where your soul can get lost in perfectly honeyed harmonies. Precision Productions invites each and every one of you to this state of bliss with their brand new “Paradise Riddim”. These zouk-infused harmony laced tracks, titillate as they soothe; while also showcasing an artistic cast, whose sole purpose is to get you in the groove. With two masterful monarchs, Machel Montano and Teddyson John, along with gifted experts Farmer Nappy and Kerwin Du Bois, in addition to the skillful songstresses, Nadia Batson and Beverley.S, alongside the elegant strings of Alternative Quartet, this release is jam packed with a savory style that guarantees pure listening ecstasy. Once again team Precision has successfully expanded its melodious frontiers, injecting its delightfully sublime sound into yet another season. Êtes-vous prêts à danser avec Precision Productions pour le Carnaval 2013? Oui Oui! ©Mystie Thongs



Sheriff Mumbles and J-Rod Records release the Sneaky Guy Riddim featuring Erphaan Alves, Mr. Renzo and Rayza & Jungle 


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