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to be read as SOCA gone POP… SOCA POP DOWN… or SOCA as POP is DUNG! i wasnt sure what ti title this one as… off we go…


was prompted to write this after a status update on facebook led me to answer that SOCA has always been POPular to us and the Caribbean Diaspora at large… i immediately went to the best resource known to mankind… wikipedia… and searched for POP music… guess what i found… ok i’ll share it… We’ve been singing POP all these years



The terms popular music and pop music are often used interchangeably, even though the former is a description of any form of music which is popular (and can include any genre), whilst the latter is a specific genre of music which has qualities which would make it appealing to a large audience.[1] Pop music, as a genre, is very eclectic, often borrowing elements from other styles throughout its course such as urbandancerockLatin and country,[1] yet there are core elements which define it. Such include generally short-to-medium length songs, written in a basic format which is often the verse-chorus structure, which generally make usage of repeated choruses, have a melodic sound, and have catchy hooks.[1] So-called “pure pop” music, such as power pop, features all these elements, and for instrumentation uses electric guitarsdrums and a bass;[1] in the case of such music, the main goal is usually that of being pleasurable to listen to, rather than having much artistic depth.[1] Pop music is generally thought of as a genre which is commercially recorded and desires to appeal to a mass audience.[1]



looking at this through my myopic view… its spot on… now what folk really want to say isnt about the musical structure but how it sounds… it sounds different… different to what we were accustomed to… it is no longer the Pla-Ka-Tikki Pla-Ka-Tikki of decades ago… decades ago when DISCO was in and a seven minute song was normal and somewhat POPular…


i’m no researcher or scientist so i just rant off the top of my head… most of the complainers of the new sound are the same folk who would readily jump to a Rihanna instead of give Denise Belfon the benefit of the doubt, when she performs her decade old routine, at one of the first fetes of the season… why… coz RiRi does mix it up… i think the people dem frighten of what could happen if SOCA becomes POPular to more than a Caribbean Diaspora…


is it that they fear losing their stars and idols for Carnival… the single most important thing for many a Trini.. so some say…


so until next time take no offence when i say islandPOOP… i only refer to the real mess choonz in that manner… not everything from any one studio/producer/artiste falls into that category… hopefully… allyuh enjoy the music and stop trying to create divisions when at this point in time UNiTY is what is needed… its an industry allyuh trying to build… i may assist from time to time… coz i see opportunity within it for what i like to do…


Machel Montano Nominated for Soul Train Award 2011

22 October, 2011 6 comments

The Soul Train Music Awards for 2011, have nominated Machel Montano for the prestigious award for the category of Best Caribbean Performance with his hit single, “Bend Over”. One of Montano’s more popular songs for 2011, “Bend Over” has left an indelible mark on many fans and concertgoers due to the catchy rhythms, lyrics and most of all, their spectacular performance. At every show, all are left with their jaws open as Machel Montano and his dancer Brithany Dookie performs to this song. Everyone stops and stares, literally. In this category, along side Machel Montano, the other nominees are:

All nominees are top performing artists and worthy contenders in the Best Caribbean Performance category. Machel commented on his nomination, “ both myself and Team HD feel honored and delighted that “Bend Over” has been nominated as we know how much energy that is pumped into each time we perform, always keeping it fresh for each show and always keeping the audience mesmerized.” The Soul Train Music Awards honors the best in Black music and entertainment and the voting committee comprises of active professionals from the arena of radio programming, music retail and management and recording artists with records that have charted in designated music trade publications in the year prior to proceedings.

For interviews, photos, music and press kit contact manager, James Walton at or (818)517-5958.

Story by – Rachel Hitlal


interesting to me is that Machel and Movado don’t have any official music videos of their songs!

MadMen Productions are Creating Musical History with Island Pop

5 September, 2011 2 comments

MadMen Productions island pop

MadMen Productions island pop

Island Pop has been the hot buzzword circulating on the tongues of who’s who on the TnT music scene for the past few months.

However, unknown to many listeners they have been happily grooving to this brand new genre of local music since Carnival 2011. The Electro Lights Riddim, created by our very own MadMen was the true start of this evolutionary upgrade in Soca music.
But then what exactly is Island Pop, and how did this irresistible vibe come about?

“Well Island Pop is really the fusion of our music, culture, style with popular music and/or dance music. The island part could be just the artiste’s voice with our unique accent on a pop track, but for us, it is mainly when we fuse the drums, bass, the kick, the percussion, our way of doing that with pop, house, and dance music, to make this new sound that is still very us but musically available and enticing to the world market, “ explains Johann ‘MadMan’ Seaton.

The seeds of Island Pop were actually planted last year while Kees Dieffenthaller of KesTheBand was in MadMen’s studio putting together the band’s newest album Stereotype. Kees and Johann worked with a lot of Pop music and the process inspired the MadMen to try something new and never done before for the Carnival season.
After much back and forth among the MadMen team, the Electro Lights Riddim was born. They knew the sound was unique as well as very catchy, but worried that it may have been rejected by the notoriously critical TnT Soca crowd. For the riddim to be embraced, it required local professionals who could share the team’s vision of bringing our music to international standards, but who were still so authentically ‘Trini’ that the audience would at least give it a chance.

Calling Kees was a no-brainer, but seeking out Machel Montano was a little more risky. However, when Machel heard the riddim and spoke to Johann, he quickly realized that this was truly the way forward if Soca music was to ever permanently hold its own well-earned place in the ears of the world music audience. Both artistes felt the future as they listened to what the MadMen had produced.
The phenomenal popularity of the riddim for Carnival 2011 and beyond speaks volumes.
Johann excitedly proclaimed, “It has been Fantastic! Both Kees and Machel are on tour right now and all over the U.S. and in the UK, people are responding very enthusiastically to ‘Where Yuh From’ and ‘AOA’…which tells us we are on the right track to take this as we always say To The World!”

Having now found the formula to truly and lastingly place Soca music on the international stage, the MadMen are fervently working to step up their musical game even more. “We know Trinis, we cannot come with the same thing next year, I mean Trinis will push you to be the best possible, if you let them… they do not let you settle at all!” Johann continued, “So next year we want everyone to be prepared for…MadMen The Upgrade! New music, even more artistes, and always a higher quality of musical standard with each new song we put out.”

The MadMen openly revealed that it has taken six years of trial and error for them to get to the point where their musical diversity and intensity could create the sound that is Island Pop. Ever persistent though, the focus of the work was always on taking Soca out of a two month window of time for the year and building it into year round music that was wanted and appreciated not just by those who grew up with it, but also by people who have never heard of Soca before.

As with all new things there are critics to this progression of Soca, which is appreciated by the guys, as they see it as a way to keep themselves grounded while ensuring that they always keep a steadfast hold to their roots as they grow. Johann wanted one thing to be clear, ”To us, what we have here in TnT, our music is something that could stand up and excel next to the best the world has to offer. But, it is not enough to just keep doing the same type of festival songs year after year, music is about growth and challenging yourself to be and do more…”

With this in mind, the team wants its supporters to expect and listen out for favourite artistes of theirs like, Maximus Dan aka Mx Prime, Destra, and Umi Marcano, alongside Machel and Kees, on new MadMen produced Island Pop releases within the next few months. These will be the pioneering voices that carry this new genre beyond the Caribbean Music Diaspora to all of the melodic corners of the earth… A journey that the MadMen promise their fans, they will be able to follow all the way through.

Written by Mystie Thongs

MadMen Productions


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