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Machel Montano – Ministry of Road

21 February, 2014 Leave a comment

Directed by Machel Montano & Cowin Thorpe
Cameras by Gabriel Nagee & Cowin Thorpe

Song Written by Jelani “Pops” Shaw, Kasey Phillips, Nikholai Greene & Machel Montano
Produced & Mixed by P.A.G.E., Precision Productions & Machel Montano
Background Vocals by Nikita Browne, Jenna De Leon & Jelani Shaw
Mastered by Mike Wells, CA

2014 All Rights Reserved



14 February, 2014 Leave a comment

From the album, 50 and Going Strong.
Recorded at Jamoo Studios, Trinidad.
Written and performed by Abbi Blackman.
Produced by Isaac Blackman and Abbi Blackman.
Mixed by Isaac Blackman.
Mastered by GMasters.
Directed By Remy

Abbi Blackman is the oldest child of Sokah Music Creator, Lord Shorty and Jamoo Innovator, Ras Shorty I and also a: teacher, mother, songwriter, dancer, fashion entrepreneur and designer, costume and creative designer and Women’s Rights Advocate.

She became the Youngest EVER National Calypso Queen at age 14 in 1979 with “Young and Moving On” and won the prestigious Calypso Queen title again in 2005 with “Ah Seeing” and “Oh Man”. The multi-talented artisan has traveled and toured extensively throughout the world and she represented Trinidad at the 4th World Conference on Women, which was held in China in 1995. After earning numerous top level placements in local competitions and music festivals, she also placed fifth in last year’s “Independence Calypso Competition” and currently teaches music and dance to the next generation at Guayaguayare Secondary School.

To celebrate her 50th birthday, she will release a project entitled “50 and Going Strong”, which is also the theme for a commemorative concert to be held on her birthday at Queen’s Hall on August 8, 2014

Chutney in yuh Soca

20 January, 2012 1 comment

Chutney in yuh Soca

An arts documentary examining the phenomenon of “chutney soca“, a musical hybrid from Trinidad & Tobago which blends the traditions of the islands’ two biggest ethnic groupsIndian and African. As much political as musical, “chutney soca” seems to offer a way for the two cultures, often perceived as being mutally antagonistic, to come together in a new exciting fusion of sounds.

Directed by Karen Martinez
21 mins
made for the Arts Council of Great Britain & Channel 4 TV (UK)


Trinidad and Tobago: Fish Kills

24 December, 2011 1 comment

Uploaded by on Dec 23, 2011

United Nations, New York, December 2011 – Fishermen in the twin island of Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean are facing one challenge after another while working the ocean, searching for fish. Recently sightings of dead fish along the southern coast worried them. The Government is taking steps to ensure that the fishing industry is protected and the oceans safe.

UNIA program # 1323

Transcript (pdf):

Super Red 20

9 December, 2011 4 comments

Fantastic Friday gets rebranded by some moron… or was it a Digicel idea…

Fernandez also called on the Government and Carnival stakeholders to support artistes and local culture 100 per cent, not only at Carnival time, but year-round. He pleaded for a 50 per cent share radio time for local artistes saying we had enough talent in T&T which included producers and songwriters well able to fill a space.

amazes me that they only make these statements at Carnival time… why not promote an Alternative Music Festival if allyuh so love Trini talent?

Fernandez also questioned why other islands such as Barbados could produce stars like Rihanna and others while T&T, critically acclaimed for its talent, was still struggling to stamp its name on the international market.

RiRi might have been born and bred in Barbados for some years in her life but they didnt produce her. Jay-Z snapped her up after she jumped on a plane and had her sign a multi album deal. and FYI Fernandez Heather Headley is performing on the 17th in NAPA. by your standards she is Trini and has made a name on the international market. wah bout Onika Maraj?

“Artistes in T&T don’t have the support they need,” he insisted. “We are calling for an artiste development fund of $5 million annually to be used for the development of our local artistes of all musical genres.

With this fund ten artistes would be selected each year and $500,000 will be invested in developing their talent and careers over the period of three years,” he suggested. His sentiments were echoed by Arts and Multiculturalism Minister Winston “Gypsy” Peters, who subsequently delivered a feature address. Peters stated that while he supported Fernandez’ plight, he believes that artistes must also invest in the creation of this fund and let the Government match it.

oh 10 artistes would be selected to get one and a half million… by who? yes i… and the GoRTT should just fund your biz and expect what in return… oh right ppl come to Trinidad Carnival just for SOCA Monarch.

i prefer the option put by the Gypsy. 50/50

I can say that the performer who can act as his own accountant, marketer and public relations specialist always has an edge over the individual who cannot do so,” he added. Peters also praised Munro for his foresight and belief in Soca Monarch, citing the competition has placed T&T on a world map. He said he had always supported the vision and pledged that his Ministry would continue to support the efforts of CPF through existing initiatives such as the National Registry of Artistes and Cultural Workers and other future initiatives.

foresight is right… for years he gets to keep the profits while state agencies fund the majority of the prizes… oh and i agree with Gypsy again… even if application to the registry isnt an easy exercise itself.

New developments for Soca Monarch 2012

The 20th anniversary of Soca Monarch will also be celebrated with a few changes. The event will now begin at 9 pm instead of 9.30pm. The Hasely Crawford Stadium will be opened to the public from 5 pm to alleviate traffic congestion when getting into the venue. Early-bird patrons will be able to enjoy the Carnival atmosphere created on the external parameter of the venue.

According to Munro, there will be dozens of Carnival characters including moko jumbies, fancy sailors, jab jabs, steelpan, pan round the neck, tassa and rhythm sections to create an energetic and exciting ambience. Large screens will also be erected for soca enthusiasts to view the onstage activities.

Only two categories of tickets will be sold for the competition—general and VVIP. The celebrity panel this year comprises both local and international stars. From T&T O’Brian Haynes, Wendy Fitzwilliam and Dr Rupert Griffith of the Ministry of Tourism, with the international cast including BET 106&Park’s Terrance Jenkins and House of Payne’s Lance Gross.

Tickets for the Digicel International Soca Monarch Competition 2012 go on sale as early as December 12.


The Other Side of Carnival

18 November, 2011 4 comments

The Other Side of Carnival


The Other Side of Carnival is a 45-minute documentary that explores Carnival’s social and economic impact on Trinidad & Tobago.

With more than 60 interviews from professors, medical staff, police officers, government officials, students, tourists, every day locals and more, The Other Side of Carnival is able to highlight that while Carnival is an exciting occasion, it is a festival that creates turmoil, which is not widely visible…or is it just simply ignored?

Known as “The Greatest Show on Earth” by the citizens, this documentary captures the roots of Carnival and how far some go to keep the original idea alive, and how others attempt to integrate change.

Consummating over two years of research and interviews and with the coordination of a multi-national crew (Trinidad & Tobago, US and UK), The Other Side of Carnival does not pass judgment on Carnival in Trinidad & Tobago, but aims to bring an awareness of the type of influence that Carnival has on the population.

Shoot… Bring de RUM

13 November, 2011 2 comments

yip Sweet T&T is still the land of opportunity for some… while the curfew that has now been lifted had in fact affected some of my work… i welcomed it… within the first week of it being lifted the fellas back to their same old things… check out this one story…

Cops warn: Stay out of Central Division

Police said the suspects had gone on a robbery spree, relieving several people of cash, jewelry and cellphones near the Rich Gold Bar and Bhagna Trace. Task Force officers in an unmarked police vehicle caught up with the suspects proceeding north along the highway near Bhagwansingh’s and gave chase. Police said the suspects began shooting at them and they returned fire.

while the POLICE continue their investigations how about WE as Trinis take a look at our selves and see if the LAWS need to be ammended and well i always tout its strict enforcement…

Cops kill three

Police in shootout after robbery outside Chaguanas bar

Relatives of the six victims claim the men had gone out to lime to celebrate the lifting of curfew restrictions in the country, when they got into an altercation with a group of men who attempted to rob one of them at the Rich Gold bar in Chase Village.

There was another altercation outside the club and shots were fired and a report was made to the police.

Police said they responded to the incident and a highspeed chase and shootout ensued along the Uriah Butler Highway, Chaguanas.


  • How about we stop sell liquor at a particular time from these BARS/CLUBS… currently the majority are “Any Day, Any Time“.
  • How about we have a curfew for minors/ folk under 16.
  • How about we only Park our vehicle the same direction as the traffic flow and not against.
  • How about Police search the homes of those involved in shootings.
  • How about allyuh add some more how abouts in the comments…




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