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A Tale of Tabanca

18 March, 2014 Leave a comment

Natasha explains the phenomenon of “tabanca.” True Trinidadians and Carnival revelers need no explanation…


Red Bull – Art Of Can

11 August, 2009 5 comments

The Trinidad leg of Red Bull Art Of Can will be hosted at The Corner Bar this Thursday 13th August from 7PM.

When was the last time you saw a BMW…made from 50 Red Bull Cans? How about a really sexy swimsuit made from 10? This is Red Bull Art of Can, an expression of your creative mind and flare.

redbull artofcan

Now, for the first time in the Caribbean, Red Bull Art of Can will pull creativity from people of all ages, stages and creative levels the world over to produce some of the most fashionable, imaginative and inspired pieces by using from as little as one can to hundreds. With no restrictions you can design, create, mold, sculpt, photograph, do anything you like with as many and as little Red Bull cans as your focal point.

There are very few regions throughout the world that can boast the creativity of the West Indies, and for this reason Red Bull is inviting artistes from Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Barbados and the Bahamas to get busy and start building! The final exhibition of the Red Bull Art of Can will be hosted in Kingston, Jamaica in October and will feature the finest pieces from all over the Caribbean and will be judged by the public through the people’s choice award, a media choice award and the coveted prize being given to the best piece chosen by a panel of art gurus.

Trinidadian artistes can join this creative journey by submitting their art pieces for local judging which takes place on August 13th at the Corner Bar. The local creations will be judged by a select group of art experts and media personnel. The winning pieces will be then shipped to Jamaica for the Caribbean final of the Red Bull Art of Can.

Some U.S. cities that have hosted Red Bull Art of Can exhibits include Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Houston and Chicago. Red Bull Art of Can has a long international history which began in Europe in 2000. Since then, exhibits have been hosted all over the world including Prague, Zurich, London, Dublin, Dubai, Budapest, Vienna, Warsaw and Amsterdam.

Find out more about Art of Can at and submit to taking your mind and energy on a journey.

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