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THIS is a Biographical Documentary of Trinidadian artiste Rohan Richards aka Fireball.

In early 2006, he emerged above the rest as the first winner of the Synergy Soca Star competition.

This was quickly followed in 2007 by his first hit “What I Want” which morphed from soca to a reworked hit by French DJ and remixer Bob Sinclar that same year and topped the European Club Music Charts.

“What I Want” in 2008, was released by Record Plant Records in the US and hit the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Charts at number 14. that year, he was in contention with Madonna, Ne Yo and Rihanna.

This Documentary is a team effort by Ryan Chance Bascombe, Maria Pantin, Tracey Jordon, Natasha Ramnath and Dylan Thomas.



30 January, 2014 1 comment

New York, NY (FOX FUSE) – 1st Klase Records presents its highly anticipated Stag Riddim: Part 2, available worldwide from all major digital retailers on February 11, 2014, with pre-order available now, from FOX FUSE. The futuristic, heavy bass, grime-meets-soca formula of Stag Riddim: Part 2, produced by Klase Gonzales and mixed by Neel “Fadda” Dwala, are signature sounds of 1st Klase Records, a progressive label that continues to craft and compose the future of soca music.

FOX FUSE is on the forefront of soca music and serves as the exclusive digital distributor of 1st Klase Records. Based in New York City, FOX FUSE has consistently promoted and marketed soca music internationally since 2007, and now as a digital distributor for over two years, has signed numerous top labels representing various Caribbean music genres. As a one-stop shop, FOX FUSE offers in-house publicity, promotion and marketing for all its releases, something Caribbean producers and labels are taking advantage of, to not only get their music on sale worldwide, but to also get their brands and artists known to the music industry and fans, far and wide.

1st Klase Records – Stag Riddim: Part 2 (Instrumental)

Swappi – Take Wine
Jaiga Ft. Shal Marshall – Juice
Olatunji – Wha Yuh Drinkin?
Lyrikal – Party Nuh Done
Bunji Garlin – Gi Dem Dey

Machel Montano – H.M.A.

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Official Music Video for Machel Montano’s 2014 Soca Music hit H.M.A. (Happiest Man Alive)!

Directed and Produced by Damian Marcano for Blue Cinamon Group.

Song produced by Alex “Kubayashi” Barnwell. Written by Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle, Machel Montano & Alex Barnwell. 2014 All Rights Reserved

Innovative and groundbreaking describes the upcoming release of the collaborative
effort between International Soca Superstar, Machel Montano and the critically acclaimed director from the motion picture “God Loves The Fighter”, Damian Marcano. After the success of “Fog” and “Float” it was inevitable for them to team back up yet again.

When the two got together they knew they wanted to do something different for “Happiest Man Alive”. The video concept begins with Montano crash landing to a place called Planet Mas. At first sight, the area seems quite barren, but upon further inspection he realizes he is not alone. After following a beautiful woman across the desert-like planet¬¬¬¬¬¬ he finds himself in a magical garden where the inhabitants experience eternal euphoria. It is a futuristic play on the creation of Man finding his life partner and sharing Happiness with his Woman.


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The Faces Behind GBM Productions

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turn up the vibes

STAG riddim 2014

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The StarDance Riddim

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The StarDance Riddim
Produced by Ashwin ‘Smash’ Seegobin
Mixed and Mastered by Precision Productions.

Combining his Trinibagonian roots with a very English upbringing the newest member of the Precision Productions team has spun a wondrous musical web to seductively enfold listeners from the Caribbean to beyond the great pond.
Ashwin “Smash” Seegobin’s StarDance Riddim, is an energetic culmination of 18 months of careful training as a producer and engineer at Precision. With Soca and mainstream Dance music being the strongest influences on him, he created this riddim as a way to meld the feel of music from TnT to the throbbing energies he experienced in London. The result being an exhibition of exotic melodies only such an eclectic background could generate.
Emboldened by his previous release with Jrod Records, the Cosmic Riddim, Smash enlisted a range of talented voices to give flight to his tuneful ambitions.
These include the very Caribbean cast of Tian Winter, Dale Saunders, Cherise Ransome, Fireball, Ricardo Drue ft Crissanji, and Nikisha.
This thrilling blend of enchanting production work with this uniquely gifted collection of singers gives this riddim a sure place on international charts as well as in all discerning music-loving hearts.

©Mystie Thongs

I actually find the majority of songs kinda weak. Fireball’s voice makes his song stand out for me. I guess this StarDance Riddim needs for me to be popping Mollys to be So High I’ll be Levitating and walking/dancing amongst the Stars…

Production is nice tho… maybe some radio/driving along the coast choons… i’ll keep playing it and program myself to like it… I LOVED COSMIC!!!

Play Whe International POWER SOCA Monarch 2013

9 February, 2013 2 comments

My immediate thoughts as i watch the show on broadcast television… armchair revolutionary

Lil Bitts – Raise De Dust

what had to be the most eagerly awaited performance of the night following up on the infamous music video… ooo… had to cut from an interview with David Rudder to BITTS already onstage… still with the Egyptian Mummy theme… we then heard from her ‘spiritual advisor’ who apparently is her brother… who forgot the lines or just had stage fright.. some littler bitt then mash-up more that Bitts…. there was a reference to Rudder’s original Dust in they Face… one more chorus and it was over… she in first place so far!


Fya Empress – Pass Me  Ah Drink (Ah Yuh RUM)

Gracing the stage for the first time the Vincy Road March Winner was dressed as a pirate… memba Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed there… and well Jack Sparrow always wondered why the rum was gone… i can only hope the judges made the link… excellent performance as it didnt have all the direct instructions… the Empress seemed more seasoned than some of the other artistes who feel the need to direct their audience all the time… leaving it for the end of the performance… she hadda place top 5 at least…


Tallpree – Muddy JAB

Ole Woman Alone part 6… im just kidding… the choon bad no tail but i cant understand a word he is saying… DEM NO BAD LIKE WE… feel the energy that the song exudes about Grenada ‘s SPICE MAS… maybe i may still experience it this year… those oiled down JABs… RUM Head SICK Head… vibes upon vibes… couldnt live up to the EMPRESS tho… give him 3rd place oui…


Devon Matthews – Start De Party

another SHOUTER… and guess what he announces on radio so you would think he knows better than to do that… the speaking to the crowd after every verse/chorus is like 2 decades old… too bad you really didnt Start the Party then your Hook might have worked better… wheys… the TYAD talk too… LOLz the calling out the FLAG Crews… its like you came with the SOCAlled Artiste Manual…


Shurwayne Winchester – We Control De Road

speechless… it felt like Open The Gate take 2 … the crowd looked unmoved… the air was still… appearance fee


Benjai – A.T.A.O Engoma

LOW…. excellent intro… the vibe from this song has survived since St. Lucia Carnival in 2012… still didnt really sing his song… guess he was reeling from the effects of the GROOVY where he drank way too much onstage… freestyling coz Garlin wasnt there and the verse was actually half decent… but calling yourself the Groovy King in the POWER Category doesnt really work… apparently he was still toting from losing the Groovy years ago as well…


Destra Garcia – Doh Hold Meh Back

The Mad house video re-enacted on stage… with a Black body suit to go with the one from Groovy… i think the song was performed a little too fast coz she had a lil trouble keeping up with singing the verses and chorus… the dancers bridge bit was a nice difference and yes she is like the Britney Spears of the SOCA industry (overheard)… no not Beyonce…  i dont get why all these artistes fell the need to compare themselves to Super BLUE tho… climb the scaffolding for 10 points… pointless…


JW + Blaze – Inna Timing

another X-Files intro that chronicles their history… and that didnt go over too well… i have no real clue how this made the finals infront of a plethora of other songs but hey… they are former winners and also work on radio… is it easier to sell your show… they know they went onstage to collect their appearance fee… it was weird hearing Anya Ayoung-Chee and Rattans uttered in the same sentence… the verse about Bunji opting out of Groovy was very good…. lent itself to the topic of Inna Timing very well… WOW verse 2 was even better… still dont understand why everyone giving the title to Super Blue… third verse was even better… this song deserves to WIN… i tip my hat to JW and Blaze for this one… most excellent Timing fellas…


Machel Montano HD – FLOAT

video intro that the TV viewers couldnt see… something about Superman… sounds like one of the TOP/PNM ads from the Tobago elections… the outfit was a let down… then again MM is no stranger to wearing weird outfits… ANTZ… SHOUT FLOAT…  the HOVER was mess but the FLOAT rig was overshadowed by the Jet pact from 2012…. yes that IS PERFORMANCE… but for 10 points?!?


Swappi – CHA-OaS

a video intro poking fun at Flight but then i hear Bond music… wait whats this about… apparently its agent double oh 4D… the performance was actually worse than Bucket in 2012… ate up all his words and the silent bridges were useless… they actually were ah set ah CHUPIDNESS…. the bit with Kes the Magician was uncalled for and utterly wasteful…


Superblue – Fantastic Friday

meh pores raise with the Shorty Watch out my Children intro and then with the HORN intro for the song… the music was too loud.. could hardly hear what Blue was singing… crowd was exuberant as ever… there are no words… it wasnt the best performance ever but the people have spoken…



expecting MM, Super, JW, Fya Empress and Destra to make the top 5… i eh know the order…


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