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28 February, 2014 Leave a comment

THIS is a Biographical Documentary of Trinidadian artiste Rohan Richards aka Fireball.

In early 2006, he emerged above the rest as the first winner of the Synergy Soca Star competition.

This was quickly followed in 2007 by his first hit “What I Want” which morphed from soca to a reworked hit by French DJ and remixer Bob Sinclar that same year and topped the European Club Music Charts.

“What I Want” in 2008, was released by Record Plant Records in the US and hit the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Charts at number 14. that year, he was in contention with Madonna, Ne Yo and Rihanna.

This Documentary is a team effort by Ryan Chance Bascombe, Maria Pantin, Tracey Jordon, Natasha Ramnath and Dylan Thomas.


Nutron, Shal Marshall & Reina – Come Over

12 February, 2014 Leave a comment

DIRECTOR: Matthew Benjamin

Filmed and Edited By: Matthew Benjamin | Canada
Co-Directed By: Amir Ali
Original Track:
Mixed & Mastered By GBM Productions

The StarDance Riddim

13 March, 2013 Leave a comment

The StarDance Riddim
Produced by Ashwin ‘Smash’ Seegobin
Mixed and Mastered by Precision Productions.

Combining his Trinibagonian roots with a very English upbringing the newest member of the Precision Productions team has spun a wondrous musical web to seductively enfold listeners from the Caribbean to beyond the great pond.
Ashwin “Smash” Seegobin’s StarDance Riddim, is an energetic culmination of 18 months of careful training as a producer and engineer at Precision. With Soca and mainstream Dance music being the strongest influences on him, he created this riddim as a way to meld the feel of music from TnT to the throbbing energies he experienced in London. The result being an exhibition of exotic melodies only such an eclectic background could generate.
Emboldened by his previous release with Jrod Records, the Cosmic Riddim, Smash enlisted a range of talented voices to give flight to his tuneful ambitions.
These include the very Caribbean cast of Tian Winter, Dale Saunders, Cherise Ransome, Fireball, Ricardo Drue ft Crissanji, and Nikisha.
This thrilling blend of enchanting production work with this uniquely gifted collection of singers gives this riddim a sure place on international charts as well as in all discerning music-loving hearts.

©Mystie Thongs

I actually find the majority of songs kinda weak. Fireball’s voice makes his song stand out for me. I guess this StarDance Riddim needs for me to be popping Mollys to be So High I’ll be Levitating and walking/dancing amongst the Stars…

Production is nice tho… maybe some radio/driving along the coast choons… i’ll keep playing it and program myself to like it… I LOVED COSMIC!!!

Anti-Everything (Ft. Captain Carnival) – SMKtCI

7 February, 2013 Leave a comment

on the heels of Trinidad James humbleness… these guys hold back nothing… not for the faint of heart. (explicit language inside)



It’s Carnival
Its Bachanal
With pretty gyal
Like rice an dhal

We breaking way
Like dingolay
It’s a–hole day
In we country

I doh wanna fucking wine, I doh wanna fucking wave
All I wanna do is punch you in your fucking face
I doh wanna fucking wine, I doh wanna fucking wave
All I wanna do is punch you in your fucking face

Soca Music Killed – the entire Cultural Industry

I don’t need airplay on your shitty radio station
or sponsorship from your mobile communications firm
Because I doh wanna fucking wine, I doh wanna fucking wave
All I wanna do is punch you in your fucking face

Soca Music Killed – the entire Cultural Industry
but the Mafia will be killed – without any sympathy



11 January, 2012 2 comments


Super Red 20

9 December, 2011 4 comments

Fantastic Friday gets rebranded by some moron… or was it a Digicel idea…

Fernandez also called on the Government and Carnival stakeholders to support artistes and local culture 100 per cent, not only at Carnival time, but year-round. He pleaded for a 50 per cent share radio time for local artistes saying we had enough talent in T&T which included producers and songwriters well able to fill a space.

amazes me that they only make these statements at Carnival time… why not promote an Alternative Music Festival if allyuh so love Trini talent?

Fernandez also questioned why other islands such as Barbados could produce stars like Rihanna and others while T&T, critically acclaimed for its talent, was still struggling to stamp its name on the international market.

RiRi might have been born and bred in Barbados for some years in her life but they didnt produce her. Jay-Z snapped her up after she jumped on a plane and had her sign a multi album deal. and FYI Fernandez Heather Headley is performing on the 17th in NAPA. by your standards she is Trini and has made a name on the international market. wah bout Onika Maraj?

“Artistes in T&T don’t have the support they need,” he insisted. “We are calling for an artiste development fund of $5 million annually to be used for the development of our local artistes of all musical genres.

With this fund ten artistes would be selected each year and $500,000 will be invested in developing their talent and careers over the period of three years,” he suggested. His sentiments were echoed by Arts and Multiculturalism Minister Winston “Gypsy” Peters, who subsequently delivered a feature address. Peters stated that while he supported Fernandez’ plight, he believes that artistes must also invest in the creation of this fund and let the Government match it.

oh 10 artistes would be selected to get one and a half million… by who? yes i… and the GoRTT should just fund your biz and expect what in return… oh right ppl come to Trinidad Carnival just for SOCA Monarch.

i prefer the option put by the Gypsy. 50/50

I can say that the performer who can act as his own accountant, marketer and public relations specialist always has an edge over the individual who cannot do so,” he added. Peters also praised Munro for his foresight and belief in Soca Monarch, citing the competition has placed T&T on a world map. He said he had always supported the vision and pledged that his Ministry would continue to support the efforts of CPF through existing initiatives such as the National Registry of Artistes and Cultural Workers and other future initiatives.

foresight is right… for years he gets to keep the profits while state agencies fund the majority of the prizes… oh and i agree with Gypsy again… even if application to the registry isnt an easy exercise itself.

New developments for Soca Monarch 2012

The 20th anniversary of Soca Monarch will also be celebrated with a few changes. The event will now begin at 9 pm instead of 9.30pm. The Hasely Crawford Stadium will be opened to the public from 5 pm to alleviate traffic congestion when getting into the venue. Early-bird patrons will be able to enjoy the Carnival atmosphere created on the external parameter of the venue.

According to Munro, there will be dozens of Carnival characters including moko jumbies, fancy sailors, jab jabs, steelpan, pan round the neck, tassa and rhythm sections to create an energetic and exciting ambience. Large screens will also be erected for soca enthusiasts to view the onstage activities.

Only two categories of tickets will be sold for the competition—general and VVIP. The celebrity panel this year comprises both local and international stars. From T&T O’Brian Haynes, Wendy Fitzwilliam and Dr Rupert Griffith of the Ministry of Tourism, with the international cast including BET 106&Park’s Terrance Jenkins and House of Payne’s Lance Gross.

Tickets for the Digicel International Soca Monarch Competition 2012 go on sale as early as December 12.


Machel Montano Nominated for Soul Train Award 2011

22 October, 2011 6 comments

The Soul Train Music Awards for 2011, have nominated Machel Montano for the prestigious award for the category of Best Caribbean Performance with his hit single, “Bend Over”. One of Montano’s more popular songs for 2011, “Bend Over” has left an indelible mark on many fans and concertgoers due to the catchy rhythms, lyrics and most of all, their spectacular performance. At every show, all are left with their jaws open as Machel Montano and his dancer Brithany Dookie performs to this song. Everyone stops and stares, literally. In this category, along side Machel Montano, the other nominees are:

All nominees are top performing artists and worthy contenders in the Best Caribbean Performance category. Machel commented on his nomination, “ both myself and Team HD feel honored and delighted that “Bend Over” has been nominated as we know how much energy that is pumped into each time we perform, always keeping it fresh for each show and always keeping the audience mesmerized.” The Soul Train Music Awards honors the best in Black music and entertainment and the voting committee comprises of active professionals from the arena of radio programming, music retail and management and recording artists with records that have charted in designated music trade publications in the year prior to proceedings.

For interviews, photos, music and press kit contact manager, James Walton at or (818)517-5958.

Story by – Rachel Hitlal


interesting to me is that Machel and Movado don’t have any official music videos of their songs!

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