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Blue and White… on the Nelson

29 November, 2011 2 comments

the post heading is what i took out of the Report filed and aired on Channel4’s Unreported World on the State of Emergency that is currently in place in Trinidad and Tobago.

Blue and White on the Nelson says so much.. to me at least…

Think about it Blue and White are supposed to mean that the Police are passing but to me it shows the divide that some of us usually take… you know opinion… black/white… /wordpress recommended link for White referred to the race… even if that may be a bandwagon to jump on i prefer to use the next part instead/

on the Nelson is not only representative about the way many see East Port-of-Spain, but many ghetto (ugh i abhor that word)/underprivileged areas…

Some people are finally waking up to the reality of the SoE… and life in Trinidad… coz they feel we were shown on international television in a bad light… i don’t… this was reality television at its best… allyuh see the beauty up in St. Barbs… that is where House Hunters International shudda set up dem people who had U$5700 monthly housing allowance

i myself thought the report was well produced and that the soundbyte of Gary Griffith in the end spoke volumes… that got plenty people panties up in a bunch… if it fall in yuh garden…

The people I met seemed to openly acknowledge that the State of Emergency won’t solve Trinidad’s long-term problems. They feel corruption and white-collar crime are getting out of hand. They told me all sorts of stories about businesses, specific politicians and well-known police officers. Criminologists and journalists repeated many of these allegations. But for the moment nobody could prove them, and nobody would go on record. Even the government representative shrugged off my question about corrupt politicians. “Yes, there will always be corrupt politicians”, he said as if that meant nothing. That doesn’t bode well for Trinidad’s future.

Trinidad: The Making of Guns, Drugs and Secrets




Shabu – Sensimillionaire

18 April, 2011 Leave a comment

Shabu’s official Anthem for all Weed Smokers world wide and 2nd solo single for his label GERMAICA DIGITAL. Produced by PIONEAR & HOUSE of RIDDIM. Director: Soul Clap Media Executive producer: Rafael Cabrera

budge it

9 September, 2010 Leave a comment

COP Political Leader, Winston C. Dookeran

Trinidad & Tobago's Minister of Finance & MP for Tunapuna Winston Dookeran ~ Image via Wikipedia

so yesterday was Budget day in T&T and even before Minister of Finance Winston Dookeran had finished delivering it folks were all up in arms about any and everything… Bicycles, Hospitals, NO Rapid Rail, Hindu Credit Union, CLICO, and well… a whole heap of PNM initiatives/promises…

my take… listen to the upcoming debate to hear what the plans really are and how they are going to be implemented… as to the rehashing of PNM promises.. well i have no problem if a previous administration had initiatives/plans that are beneficial to a country continuing/expanded… so  whats the fuss… is it about saying WE did this or is it about serving the people?!?

to all those who say THEIR Budget lets wait and see if the Promises Materialise… its called give Jack he Jacket… the previous administration flopped on many issues and well this one still has that opportunity… WE need to MOVE forward as as Country and NOT as PNM UNC COP or PP whatever you decide to call yourself…

you need to change that attitude… ie budge it… coz if thats your thinking then WE will not move forward… for those who do not understand that i think yall REalTARDED

follow the link to see all that was tweeted during the delivery of the National Budget yesterday…

the following are some excerpts from the twitter stream

anthonycbis wonder if #ttbudget 2012 could have legislation to legalize (and tax) #weed if international precedent is set:

marcseyon #Trinidad #ttbudget “First 120 days achievements” list: 13 points, 2 tangible achievements, lots of fluff. Par for the government course?

marcseyon #Trinidad #ttbudget “In first 120 days government achieved #13: axed the tax” The tax that never really was?

marcseyon #Trinidad #ttbudget “In first 120 days government achieved #12: laptops for secondary schools?” Really? They distributed or coming to come?

marcseyon #Trinidad #ttbudget “In first 120 days government achieved #11: Petrotrin, UDeCOTT, UTT audits” Not achievement until done & acted upon.

marcseyon #Trinidad #ttbudget “In first 120 days government achieved #10: formulated plan for completion of Scarborough Hospital” None existed before?

djcarbon What’s your favourite part of the #ttbudget? Mine?!?! A TUNNEL from Tunapuna to Maracas Bay! Woot! I for dat! lol!!! (@ Star 947HD)

marcseyon #Trinidad #ttbudget “In first 120 days government achieved #9: Established Children’s Fund” Real achievement #2. Maybe? What will it do?

marcseyon #Trinidad #ttbudget “In first 120 days government achieved #8: White paper. Blah blah. Parliament” Government speak. No action apparent.

marcseyon #Trinidad #ttbudget “In first 120 days government achieved #7: legislative agenda for Parliament” Again, did your job?

marcseyon #Trinidad #ttbudget “In first 120 days government achieved #5: 1-year Ministerial Action Plans” In other words, did your job?

tech_tt This sounds like a very bad idea. RT @theroyaltyclub: underground tunnel from Tunapuna to Maracas????#TTBudget

marcseyon #Trinidad #ttbudget “In first 120 days government achieved #4: $3000 pension” Finally, a real achievement. Good going!

expatriada #TTBudget underground tunnel from Tunapuna to Maracas Valley. QUE TAL?

expatriada #TTBudget Government will cease Alutrint & Rapid Train. BUT THE POWER PLANT FOR THAT IS ALMOST HALF FINISHED! AND HOW TO DEAL WITH TRAFFIC?

expatriada #TTBudget Budget Update: The Government will export intellectual expertise in the energy sector and will develop an alternative one (energy)

nu_veau nice proposals for Compressed Natural Gas cars & conversions! gasoline users, kick rocks!!!!!#secretenvironmentalnerd #ttbudget

WBooda RT @trinituner:#TTBudget : Min. Dookeran: tax allowance of $18,000 per household on mortgage interest for 1st time home owners

marcseyon This “In the first 120 days of the People’s Partnership Government, we have achieved:” list sounding real hollow. And untrue. #ttbudget

SanMan_ish KAMLA “We would have loved to be SANTA CLAUS, but in the present economic situation…” #ttbudget

NathanMNelson Winnie D That Budget Presentation was Poor…Ah Mean..Wheres The Figures Buddy? #ttbudget

mibaksh Lmao! Ent! RT @sanman_ish Dooks making it seem as if the previous administration didnt have any plans… for the people… #ttbudget

TriniGuardian #TTBudget : Budget Debate scheduled for September 14, 2010 2 10: 00 am

SanMan_ish #ttbudget debate will resume on CHOOSEday… LOL Dooks does crack me up…

djlivstrong So other than laptops… nothing for Technology development in trinidad? #ttbudget At least cops will have 21 speeds now..

SanMan_ish i expect to see more LOCAL programmin on the tele and not less like when @GayelleTV get satellite link…#ttbudget

TriniGuardian #TTBudget : Min Dookeran: This budget lays the foundation for a developmental shift.

modeminho @TriniGuardian: #TTBudget : Expansion of Research and Development Facility of the BDC. Entrepreneurs can now access up to $25 million > good

varshtweets #ttbudget summarized or detail.. same bullshit

TriniGuardian #TTBudget : Min. Dookeran: Property taxes will be waived for the year 2010

marcseyon Litter wardens getting bicycles too! RT @CNC3Television: Min. Dookeran: littering from a vehicle fine: $2,000 #TTBudget

djcarbon RT @sanman_ish: when the only fault on can find with Dooks #ttbudget presentation is his delivery it really shows the sad state we live in..

aabida_allaham GATE has been expanded to incorporate vocational studies and the hospitals are to be revamped…what do you think #TTBudget

MyHomeTT RT @TriniGuardian: #TTBudget : Removal of Custom duties on CNG kits for cars and reduce interest rates at the ADB to 3-5 percent

TriniGuardian #TTBudget : Min. Dookeran: integrated campus to house UWI, UTT, COSTAATT in Tobago

CNC3Television Min. Dookeran: interest rate at ADB to be reduced from 6-8% to 3-5% #TTBudget

theroyaltyclub RT @SanMan_ish: SOLAR Water Heaters are ZERO Rated.. that doesnt mean the price of existing ones will go down tho… #ttbudget

TriniGuardian #TTBudget : Min. Dookeran: to increase number of coaches, sporting programmes

TriniGuardian #TTBudget : Min. Dookeran: we will strictly enforce measures to stop abuse of GATE

SanMan_ish WOW… ZERO rating on Wind Turbines.. has the EMA done any studies to see if it is enviro friendly… we do have plenty birds… #ttbudget

TriniGuardian #TTBudget : Min. Dookeran: EMA will be given powers to enforce swift actions

aabida_allaham #TTBudget ministers had said it would be a budget that showed they cared about people…what do you think…Dookeran’s slips aside

CNC3Television Min. Dookeran: tax credit of 25% to individuals converting cars to CNG kits #TTBudget

TriniGuardian #TTBudget : Min. Dookeran: Drainage & Irrigation Authority to be established

TriniGuardian #TTBudget : Min. Dookeran: east port of spain will be restored into a heritage city

TriniGuardian #TTBudget : Min. Dookeran: Revenue projects $15.2 billion from the energy sector. Financing of deficit will be done in the local market.

TriniGuardian #TTBudget : Min. Dookeran: Oil price of US $65 a barrel. Natural gas $2.75

TriniGuardian #TTBudget : Min. Dookeran: Budget: $49 billion. Deficit of $7.7 billion

SanMan_ish why is he talking in Millions.. fraid to say BILLION Dooks? #ttbudget

CNC3Television Min. Dookeran: Total revenue 41.2 billion#TTBudget

TriniGuardian #TTBudget : Min. Dookeran: Expects an economic growth rate of 3 to 4 percent

TriniGuardian #TTBudget : Min. Dookeran: Government expects private sector investment to reach $3 billion

TriniGuardian #TTBudget : Min. Dookeran: Fiscal Year 2010 record deficit of 3.5 per cent of GDP

SanMan_ish now who gonna dig this tunnel Dooks? if it costs as much as the Rapid Rail study what should i do…#ttbudget

CNC3Television Min. Dookeran: Tobago receives 5.2% of expenditure #TTBudget

theroyaltyclub Tobago’s gonna get $2.56 Billion dollars#TTBudget

CNC3Television Min. Dookeran: special incentives for service industry #TTBudget

SanMan_ish underground tunnel from Tunapuna to Maracas.. easy ways to move the Fish and Ganja… #ttbudget

Youth of the world

2 June, 2010 4 comments

this is an entry for the Commonwealth Video Contest. It’s a statement about the youth of today and how we’re viewed. Enjoy! 🙂

YT – Inna Jamaica

1 June, 2010 3 comments


PM PM’s stroll

16 March, 2010 3 comments



apparently Muslim people endorsing PM PM… but the man wearing a shirt with a Christian religious slogan on its front didnt want him in his yard… the religious SPIN has officially started… gotta love politicians all kissing babies and all that _ish…

later on in the evening PM PM told a crowd that there are plots to ‘Kill Him’ and he said no not that kind coz you know ‘they’ always get it wrong…

the other side of carnival

9 February, 2010 1 comment

The Other Side of Carnival is a soon to be released documentary… started in 2007 resulting in the filming of the 2009 Trinidad Carnival… followed small town Mass Bands, Port-of-Spain’s The Blue Devils and the general public through their journey of Carnival and managed to get an overall outlook to the life lived through it and beyond… saw first hand how Trinidad shuts down for this event and comes together to celebrate. But the celebration can get out of hand and there is another side to Carnival that not many see or want to admit is there. The criminal side that effects community, the tourism that boosts it’s popularity and the closure of schools and work places that effects affects the economy.

This documentary captures the roots of Carnival and how far some are trying to keep it alive, and how others have lost there way.

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