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THIS is a Biographical Documentary of Trinidadian artiste Rohan Richards aka Fireball.

In early 2006, he emerged above the rest as the first winner of the Synergy Soca Star competition.

This was quickly followed in 2007 by his first hit “What I Want” which morphed from soca to a reworked hit by French DJ and remixer Bob Sinclar that same year and topped the European Club Music Charts.

“What I Want” in 2008, was released by Record Plant Records in the US and hit the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Charts at number 14. that year, he was in contention with Madonna, Ne Yo and Rihanna.

This Documentary is a team effort by Ryan Chance Bascombe, Maria Pantin, Tracey Jordon, Natasha Ramnath and Dylan Thomas.



19 February, 2014 1 comment

#Culturejammer #rapsonation
RemBunction ft Brother Resistance & Kindred
Rapso is a form of Trinidadian music that grew out of the social unrest of the 1970s. It has been described as “de power of de word in the riddim of de word”. Though often described as a fusion of native soca and calypso with American hip hop, rapso is uniquely Trinidadian­on

The name RemBunction has been synonymous with creativity and talent throughout his over 20 years in the Trinidad & Tobago music industry. He is a contemporary artiste who unabashedly describes himself as ‘deliberately undefined.’ He blends several musical genres including calypso, soca, rhythm and blues and rap to create his own unique and distinct sound.


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From the album, 50 and Going Strong.
Recorded at Jamoo Studios, Trinidad.
Written and performed by Abbi Blackman.
Produced by Isaac Blackman and Abbi Blackman.
Mixed by Isaac Blackman.
Mastered by GMasters.
Directed By Remy

Abbi Blackman is the oldest child of Sokah Music Creator, Lord Shorty and Jamoo Innovator, Ras Shorty I and also a: teacher, mother, songwriter, dancer, fashion entrepreneur and designer, costume and creative designer and Women’s Rights Advocate.

She became the Youngest EVER National Calypso Queen at age 14 in 1979 with “Young and Moving On” and won the prestigious Calypso Queen title again in 2005 with “Ah Seeing” and “Oh Man”. The multi-talented artisan has traveled and toured extensively throughout the world and she represented Trinidad at the 4th World Conference on Women, which was held in China in 1995. After earning numerous top level placements in local competitions and music festivals, she also placed fifth in last year’s “Independence Calypso Competition” and currently teaches music and dance to the next generation at Guayaguayare Secondary School.

To celebrate her 50th birthday, she will release a project entitled “50 and Going Strong”, which is also the theme for a commemorative concert to be held on her birthday at Queen’s Hall on August 8, 2014

Beneath the MAS

23 January, 2014 Leave a comment

Based on the traditional and cultural aspects of Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.

Erphaan Alves – HEARING AH TALK! [Dont Stop Mas]

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Erphaan Alves Management CONTACT


Ah hearing ah talk and ah doh like it (Masqueraders)

We love we colors on the big stage, How yuh goh stop we
Yuh love we colors when parade, How yuh goh stop we

People Tell me what is this
Leh we do fettin’ thing
All we money save
Just to do we fettin’ thing

Who really must take d blame (Take d blame)
Why we have to feel d pain

Hear me na, Say badman cool it nuh, Put down d gun
Pick up a rag and leh we wave and leh we have some fun
and leaders, come na, please doh stop it
Money spend, ticket buy
So somebody tell me why it is ah


We d people see there’s a need retreat on d streets and (Mash it up)
We parade in peace to d beat cu d music sweet leh we (Mash it up)
I decided to stand for d people
I decide , me d voice of d people
Let d mas take place, oh yes embrace d culture dis

So what it is a hearing whoa oo
What it is a hearing
It better be a rumor whoa oo
I must reach in d savannah
Tell me why it is ah

Hearing ah talk and ah doh like it (Masqueraders)

We love we colors on the big stage (How yuh goh stop we)
Yuh love we colors when parade (How yuh goh stop we)

Allyuh dis time ah d year
Leh we do feting thing
I cannot stay ho me
Leh me do meh feting thing

Who really must take d blame
Why we have to feel d pain

Allyuh I doh wa make a jail
But I wah do meh fettin’ thing
I find it is my right
Time to do meh fettin’ thing

Who really must take d blame
Why we have to feel d pain

West Indian Rhythm Konnection – Radio Kaiso

17 April, 2013 Leave a comment

West Indian Rhythm Konnection – Radio Kaiso [#sekritivLIVE]

very POWERFUL lyrics

Trinidad James on Synergy Nights

7 February, 2013 Leave a comment

Trindad James speaks with Jason Williams (Palance) on the set of Synergy TV’s Synergy Nights

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