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Digicel International Groovy SOCA Monarch 2013

My immediate thoughts as i watch the International SOCA Monarch on CNC3’s broadcast television… armchair revolutionary

Show starts at approximately 21:45

Drupatee  Ramgoonai – Indian Gyal

i’ll readily admit that i dont like/approve of the song. i think it a waste. now onto the performance that is only 10 points. the backing trcks that included Machel’s voice were distracting. after singing a verse and chorus Drupatee seemed not too sure what to do. stage full of performers with umbrellas wukking up all over. Guessing it was Shiv Shakti dancers. One verse and chorus we have our final place.


Nadia Batson – Manager

she had some intro video that we tv viewers couldnt see…. geezanages look at pwefn… SHOUT SHOUT SHOUT… i was not impressed… Nadie better than that… and then she spoke to the crowd… remarks on twitter made that she looked like a Power Ranger… i added fraggle coz of the coloured hair… i think she needed someone to MANAGE-HER on that stage… Princess Melongene and SUPER Biagan… way sah allyuh Trinis have real picong…


Denise ‘Saucy Wow’ Belfon – Wining Queen

crowd chanting SAUCY SAUCY SAUCY… a next video intro… i dont know where these skits come from considering iz only 10 points for presentation.. apparently the KING was missing a WINING QUEEN… STick it stick it stick it stick it stick it…  complaints on twitter about the theatrics… Saucy was wearing some kinda burlap coat with a hood that i couldnt understand how that was supposed to represent her being a ‘peasant’… she sing the song tho… as best as Saucy ever does… there was even a court jester on a unicycle… iz still only 10 points….


Ravi B – Prescription

A man climb scaffolding… like we never saw that before… anyone say SUPER… and then there is another SKIT… apparently he fall from the scaffolding coz he come out on a stretcher wid Nish B as his Night Nurse… starts off singing his song… like he read the requirements for a winning performance… nice break to hear the crowd singin the song… full points.. stage full of ancillary personnel Moko Jumbies included… then he starts to talk and give instructions… seriously RAVI looking like he could take the Monarch… HEH HAAA not with Machel still to come… he first of the four so far…


Benjai – Feter

SEE MEE YAH…. complete with bathrobe, shower cap, towel, bedroom slippers and cooler… buh hoss yuh eh singing yuh choon… man douse heself wid JOHNNIE oui… i am speechless… the onstage theatrics work… coz they simple and add to the song…  what was that a double double shot… it was excessive… guess that’s what a true feter does… 10 points…


Farmer Nappy – Stranger

come to collect the performance fee and probably fifth place… with a prop bus on stage with the 3ZERO girls… dependable performance… he in this game long enough and utilised the topic of the song well enough… the instructions actually made sense… but iz still only 10 points… ultimate HYPE man


Destra Garcia – Call My Name

after what seemed an eternity of a break/lul in programming DESTRA comes on singin as if its American IDLE … nice simple performance other than that… dance girls with small Trinidad & Tobago National Flags… wait a phone call… the skit in the middle of the song instead… waste of time… i liked the spiked thingy she had on her hand tho… i dont know what that winged bit was about tho… MM planned to FLOAT so Destra decided she would FLY… inna 4G with Digi…


Patrice Roberts – A Little Wine

CNC3 cut late to the intro and missed a bit… was some kinda circus thing… maybe from the HD circus from years ago… Patrice was SHOUTING too… not as bad as Nadie tho… verse and chorus and speaks to the crowd for some more theatrics… the little wine concept was apt… overheard some comments about her black behind and why it isnt bleached… DED WID LAUGH… short and sweet performance


Machel Montano HD – FOG

CYAH PLAY MAS IF YUH FRAID POWDER… BOOM the sailors alone was 10 points… and with the FOG-UP attitude… the SHOUTING is MM trademark… crowd inna frenzy… he sing de choon and the voice like it gone wid all de POWDER… the  (audio) feedback really bothered me tho… someone prob got a slap or something after… the TanTan esq costumes just put the performance over the top… still only 10 points….  THIS ONE GOIN AN FOG UP DE PLACE… HEH HAAAAAAA… its all about the HYPE


Neil Iwer George – Bubble

having to ‘invite’ people to sing yuh song… novel approach… the dude from bSquare… Prophet Benjamin with his ‘FEED’… yes I-wer come collect ah money… eat ah food at the people of TrinBago’s expense… bubble


Dexter ‘Blaxx’ Stewart – Leh Go

draped with some ropelights/leds and ‘native american indian’ garb the performance starts off in the dark and then the lights come on after a chorus… we get an introduction to his daughter who plays a choon on the steelpan… awww how sweet…. no brownie points tho… i give you points for the intro… BLAXX then makes the mistake we were dreading… talks to the audience… SING YUH Verse nah hoss…



i eh know who to call it for… took so long i dont know if to give Destra, MM or Ravi B… i feel Ravi had the best overall performance. enjoyed the second half of the  show… after the fire… the BIG GUNS showed why they are so rated… buh i really considering Ravi…

this shall be updated with the results when they are announced… show finished 0015




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