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Calypso Monarch 2013

so they tried something new and moved the Calypso Monarch Finals to the Thursday they had been having the Category Finals instead and I cant say that it was for the better. The SHOW was still terribly too long. So long that yours truly went to sleep by the time eventual Monarch Pink Panther was performing his second song around midnight. I know i didnt listen to everyone but Kurt Allen was my Monarch… here are the results that i copied and pasted from another website…


  1. Eric “Pink Panther” Taylor – Travel Woes/Crying In The Chapel
  2. Kurt Allen – Political Sin Phony/Black Stalin Say
  3. Heather MacIntosh – The Old Man’s Lament/Invisible
  4. Roderick “Mr Chucky” Gordon – Bear With Me/The New Addiction
  5. Karene Asche – Meh Pardna Ship/Eat Ah Food
  6. Eunice Peters – None Of The Above/Keshorn D Javelin Champion
  7. Duanne O’Connor – Building A Wall/ Seeking Sparrow’s Advice
  8. Alana Sinnette Khan – No Moral Authority/Pathological
  9. Dr Hollis “Chalkdust” Liverpool – Prodigal Son/Virginia’s Alzheimer
  10. Kizzie Ruiz – In The Age Of Blog/T And T Forever
  11. Marva “Marvelous Marva” Joseph – Come Back To What/Woman’s Contribution To Trinidad And Tobago
  12. Victoria “Queen Victoria” Cooper – D Betrayal/Club 34
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