DESTRA Soaring To New Heights

new heights indeed… its a press release…

PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release
February 6, 2013.

DESTRA  - Call My Name

DESTRA – Call My Name

After an exciting 2012 Team Destra is raising the bar again. In 2012, Destra took the time to make strides online building her global following by 40% through well planned online campaigns. Destra also took the time to give access and build with her fans through contests, and personal appearances. The pace will only get more intense in 2013 as the season jumps off. With fresh new tracks and videos Destra’s energized and focused.

Mobile App launch: The Destra app was launched January 2012, giving her fans a way to stay connected anywhere. Destra is very active in social media from Twitter to Facebook book and Instagram; Destra is one of the most active artist online. Destra will tell you, she loves to hear from her fans and makes a real effort to keep in touch. The Destra APP will make this even easier. You’ll find new music, new event listings, exclusive offers for app only users. With plans to evolve the App to offer more to fans, it’ll be something worth checking into this coming year.

New Music: Call my name, Carry on , Wassy , Rip D Runway…….. Destra has picked up the pace going harder and building her musical repertoire. Working with GBM, Precision Productions to name a few, many the prominent Soca hit makers have given Destra some certified hits for 2013 . With no plans of slowing down, Destra will be starting to record again come April 2013. She’s excited about being able to try something new as plans are being made to go in the studio with Grammy award winning producer Boi1da (Rick Ross, Eminem, Jay Z, Drake, Nicki Minaj) in the coming months. Not steering away from Soca but seeing whats possible by staying active and open minded.

Renewal of Digicel relationship: As a long standing sponsor Digicel renewed their contract with Destra for another year last summer. With new initiatives and global strategy Destra and her team are putting into play starting 2013, Destra is really looking forward to growing the relationships with her sponsors. Digicel being a long standing supporter of her brand Destra intends to carry them with her through out the world. She say’s “ No matter where we go in the world we have to come home, and building brand loyalty is borderless”. Her plans are to introduce new exciting initiatives and work with.

Destra can also be followed via the following links:

For more information, contact Chase Parsons at: or Brian Morris at:

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