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there are some in the government (SnakeMan) who feel that pardoning 50 prisoners is fitting tribute to celebrating Trinidad & Tobago’s 50th year of independence from Great Britain.

initially I thought that the Minister was off his rocker but I have since seen the light.

You see every Minister/Ministry has to come up with a way of celebrating this momentous occasion. The Ministry of Finance just reintroduced the $50 dollar bill. Food Production gave away 50 plants for Corpus Christi. Education is spending 50 x 40 thousand on etiquette for our nation’s primary school attending youth. Works and Infrastructure displacing at least 50 people/families for a highway that we don’t need.

I’m sure other Ministries are doing their part and spending at least 50 thousand on some kind of project that less than 50 people would benefit from.

I say bring 50-Cent to come perform Get Rich or Die Trying and charge 50 cent cover charge. Just note that it has to be an actual 50 cent. This will ensure that you keep certain elements of society out and I could scalp tickets outside for a brand spanking new $50.

I didn’t count but there are about 50 ‘flags’ fluttering on the waterfront and prob about .50% of those are actual national flags.

I gave this blog post 50% of the effort I should have. so until next time… aces.

that’s half of a deuce :/

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  1. baidawi76
    23 June, 2012 at 7:52

    you definitely missed your calling as a political strategist.

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