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Kimba Sorzano – Over You


Kimba Sorzano – Over You (Official Music Video)

Directed By Kern Rose

Stylist: Keisha Als

  1. 10 February, 2012 at 14:00

    Boom! Love it..especially love the shots of Port of Spain in the beginning. Another well done video.. could’ve done without the random girl wining in the background (think she was wearing orange?)..but hey,,seems like it’s a staple in Trini music videos..

    Now does this count as “groovy” soca? Someone was trying to explain to me the difference..these these “slower” rhythms are actually a different type of soca..I prefer it honestly.. It’s like a soca/reggae mash up. love it.

    14 February, 2012 at 16:13

    Im soo mad…… the judges of the soca monarch semi finals has rob you…….your space in the FINALS

  3. real talk
    14 February, 2012 at 16:17

    They really rob you………this song is great,the melody,all the blackround singers….Kimba voice….

  4. 14 February, 2012 at 16:20

    Ive been to so much fetes and still hasnt seen u preform……..MAD UR NOT IN THE PLAY WHE GROOVY FINALS

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