Cosmic Riddim - J-Rod Records

Cosmic Riddim - J-Rod Records



i am impatiently waiting for it to appear in my inbox so i could make my lil riddiMIX…


on that note i am pleased to see one of the minds behind the Cosmic Riddim get a lil write up in the papers… go Jarrod… no not the Subway dude… this is the man behind JRod Records…  yeah the 2nd Chances, Life Lessons and the BarCode Riddims… i glad he say it and that it in print… i eh no producer so my rants are usually limited to the 50 folk who subscribe to this blog… thanks to you all… here is what J-Rod had to say…


“If you look on the Internet right now, you will see soca listed under world music. That has to change. We need to see soca standing on its own.” Touching on the current rift in the local industry with some artistes complaining of unfair airplay, Faria says “there is no real proof” that a “soca mafia” exists. “It’s such a saturated market that it really just boils down to the work you put in and the relationships you build,” he reasoned. And in an industry where an artiste can be “in today and out tomorrow,” the QRC graduate believes that it’s also necessary for aspiring soca stars to take advantage of all avenues available in this technological era. “When you look at it, all the big acts have a Facebook and Twitter page. New artistes need to put in the ground-work and market themselves,” he advised. “It’s a very competitive industry and I don’t think anybody can deny that.”
Jarrod’s taking soca to the world One beat at a time
Published: Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Cherisse Moe


some say that it is Cosmic Shift… like you eh listen to Garlin intro… i do say islandPOOP at times… only coz i doh like the genre separation… music is music… strength and powers to you and all associated bredren…



  1. 6 February, 2012 at 13:35

    Garlin make me listen to this riddim seriously. He really did a number on it.

  1. 13 March, 2013 at 10:50

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