RedBull riddiMIX

things have been quiet and seeing as its only 40 days until Trinidad & Tobago Carnival 2012 i think its time to start bombarding you with some of what the islands have to offer…



This one is for the true Carnival lovers; those that cannot get enough of the heat, pace, and unrelenting energy that captures the hearts, minds, and bumpers of Trinbagonians worldwide when the Soca season hits

The Red Bull Riddim, Produced and Mixed by Precision Productions, and Mastered by Sterlin Sound in New York, is the musical version of gyrating waistlines being primed, cocked, then released in a harmonic explosion of pure unadulterated fun!

With artistes like, Bunji Garlin, Destra Garcia, Patrice Roberts with Swappi, Tian Winter, Nebula868, Orlando Octave, and M1, doing their thing on it, this one can only be called a multiple hit riddim.

Once again, the effusive creative talent of the Precision Productions team is displayed for the pleasure and enjoyment of their fans. This season their melodic efforts continue to keep the radio airwaves steamy and listeners pumped up; causing everyone to wonder, just what else can this Dynamic Duo pull out from their bag of Soca tricks.
©Mystie Thongs

here is my quick fix riddiMIX of the RedBull Riddim


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