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Blue and White… on the Nelson

the post heading is what i took out of the Report filed and aired on Channel4’s Unreported World on the State of Emergency that is currently in place in Trinidad and Tobago.

Blue and White on the Nelson says so much.. to me at least…

Think about it Blue and White are supposed to mean that the Police are passing but to me it shows the divide that some of us usually take… you know opinion… black/white… /wordpress recommended link for White referred to the race… even if that may be a bandwagon to jump on i prefer to use the next part instead/

on the Nelson is not only representative about the way many see East Port-of-Spain, but many ghetto (ugh i abhor that word)/underprivileged areas…

Some people are finally waking up to the reality of the SoE… and life in Trinidad… coz they feel we were shown on international television in a bad light… i don’t… this was reality television at its best… allyuh see the beauty up in St. Barbs… that is where House Hunters International shudda set up dem people who had U$5700 monthly housing allowance

i myself thought the report was well produced and that the soundbyte of Gary Griffith in the end spoke volumes… that got plenty people panties up in a bunch… if it fall in yuh garden…

The people I met seemed to openly acknowledge that the State of Emergency won’t solve Trinidad’s long-term problems. They feel corruption and white-collar crime are getting out of hand. They told me all sorts of stories about businesses, specific politicians and well-known police officers. Criminologists and journalists repeated many of these allegations. But for the moment nobody could prove them, and nobody would go on record. Even the government representative shrugged off my question about corrupt politicians. “Yes, there will always be corrupt politicians”, he said as if that meant nothing. That doesn’t bode well for Trinidad’s future.

Trinidad: The Making of Guns, Drugs and Secrets



  1. 30 November, 2011 at 19:30

    “Yes, there will always be corrupt politicians?” Well, that’s comforting now isn’t it. It’s incredible how complacent people are here. Everyone seems quite content to complain, yet when it comes time to take action, everyone is looking over their shoulder, expecting the next person to do the work. Reminds me of when I used to live in Lebanon..same issue..corrupt politicians..but not enough people who want to volunteer their time and their resources to change and increasingly worsening problem. Moving to Trinidad for the first time during an SOE has definitely been an eye opener!!

    • 1 December, 2011 at 10:02

      believe you me… when it comes to victimization i believe i’ve felt its brunt at times… might just be paranoia but this is Trinidad where mental problems run at a very high level masked by liming and alcohol…

      ours is an insane society… i try to do things differently but always end up with some buffoon who is illiterate and only knows one way of doing things…

      Here’s to your Trinidad move being a positive if not enlightening one…

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