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Ian Alleyne: Less Batman, More Booster Gold

Ian Alleyne, the latest media personality Trinis have come to love or hate, depending on your worldview, obviously derives no satisfaction from quietly conducting intel from a bat cave under his house. While the thought of comparing Ian Alleyne and Batman is preposterous, even to me, I still get some sort of kick about doing it, being the comic fan that I am.

Now, there are different depictions of the bat. In some depictions, he’s almost psycho, seeking vengeance over justice; in others, he’s softer. I’ll go with the Saturday cartoon version, as most people would be familiar with this. The darker Batman was too gritty and grimy for kids… kind of like “Crime Watch” – with its footage of dismembered body parts and the raping of a minor.

“Crime Watch” has become “The Ian Alleyne Show” – less about reality, and more about show. That’s why I say Alleyne might be more Booster Gold than Batman.

via Ian Alleyne: Less Batman, More Booster Gold.

  1. 30 November, 2011 at 19:40

    ‘Doh hot yuh head!’

    Personally I think this show is sensationalist garbage. I think that he may have started off with a genuine interest in helping society, but over the past couple of months the show has become wayyyyy too sensational and extreme so as to maintain viewership. I remember going to friends houses where they would watch the show religiously every night! I think that says something very alarming about Trinidadian society. Crime is now entertainment.

    • 1 December, 2011 at 9:54

      i think the proper quote is “Doh hot up yuh head” but i wont hot it up trying to prove it :/

      ever since Mr. SlimeWatch first made his appearance on WINtv and was subsequently pulled… he alleges political interference… he had been going down the sensational road… his ego is too inflated at the moment… if he goes up high he’ll explode so thats why he prefers to keep it in the gutter :/

  2. Trinichampleague
    22 January, 2012 at 1:07

    Has it ever occurred to either of you that Crime Watch/Ian Alleyne is the place that the ‘small man’ can go to and is almost guaranteed to get justice for whatever crime has been perpetrated against him or her? Almost every case highlighted on Crime Watch has witnessed a speedy resolution,something the Police Service can only dream of.

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