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Beats in our Backyard – Trinidad

Cammille Nakhid is from Trinidad & Tobago, in my mind one of, if not the most musical nations in the world. Trinidad & Tobago lies at the very southeast of the Caribbean just across from Venezuela and its unique history and ethnic mix give it a culture and vibrancy like no other. The big thing for Trini‘s is of course Carnival – which the tradition of was born in Trinidad & Tobago. The week of Carnival is electric and literally the whole nation from young to old are involved, either playing in Steel Pan, walking in the Mas Parade but especially out in the streets listening to their favorite Soca & Calypso songs – the two most popular music styles of Trinidad & Tobago. Steel Pan is easily the most recognisable sound of the Caribbean, and a few years back after living in New Zealand for a number of years Cammille took it on herself to start up New Zealand’s only Steel Pan group and give kiwis a taste of this incredible sound that was born in Trinidad & Tobago.

Of course friendly rivalries exist all over the world, and in no better way is that showcased than in a nation’s sense of humour and their jokes about their neighbours. Of course the good old-fashioned ‘Englishman, Scotsman and Irishman‘ jokes exist in their local variants in pretty much every nation on earth – Cammille shares with us a version that Trinidadians like to tell to give an insight into their good buddies the Jamaicans.

The whole notion of ‘Liming‘ is hilarious. When I was in Trinidad last year it kept coming up in conversation, in fact there would be some talk of a ‘Lime’ at least every few hours. Put simply: ‘Liming’ is Trinidad’s national sport without being a sport – if you are Liming then you are hanging out with your mates talking and chilling. There are all kinds of Limes apparently – Street Limes, Park Limes, Beach Limes. As long as you’re just chilling and with mates and you’re not doing much else then you are Liming.

Aah the Steel Pan, nothing says I’m in the Caribbean and life is good better than the sound. The origins of the Steel Pan are in Trinidad & Tobago and it is the country’s national instrument. This is a fact that Trini’s are immensely proud of. Now if only I could play it better than I do.

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