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uncomfortable in T&T?!?

Rodell Warner – Trinidad is Offline – From Low Lives 3 – by Jorge Rojas

Less than 17% of Trinidad & Tobago’s households are connected to the internet. A live online event originating in T&T is likely to have many more viewers outside of T&T than in T&T. An unadvertised live internet event is likely to have no local viewers at all – This performance aims to exploit that phenomenon by broadcasting an image that would be received as uncomfortable in T&T: grown men playing and enjoying what is typically considered to be a schoolgirls’ handclapping game.


while the percentage may be accurate in terms of households, internet access is by no means limited. many ppl use their mobile phones to access the internet mainly for email/messaging services. no i dont have any statistical data to prove my point. And of course an unadvertised event will probably have no viewers! I could tell you that. even advertised events dont draw a crowd coz well ppl have other things to do; have that problem with the NObehaviourSHOW. I would also guess that from a nation of just over 1 million people with 10 times more than that in the diaspora international viewership may well exceed that of local.


the thing that really irked me was the handclapping reference. i not sure what is the problem with it being done by grown men. i actually trying to teach it to a nearly three year old. and last i checked i have a penis and think myself male. the handclapping does not make me uncomfortable at all. maybe it would make 17% of brainwashed ‘small church’ goers uncomfortable! (no statistical data to prove)

yes the video was uploaded to create discussion to here’s your chance… exploit!

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