SOCAlled problem

There is this buzz around town that we don’t hear enough of ourselves on Local Radio and that there needs to be more AirPlay. Now I used to be quick to jump on that bandwagon and say yea but sad to say that this isn’t actually the case. Every year after carnival most of these radio personalities talk about how they wish soca could get more AirPlay.

That there is the problem. Urban Radio. Indian Culture has forged a space on the airwaves. Why not others? What’s really holding back other genres?

  • The advertisers?
  • The Programmers?
  • Announcers and DJays?
  • The Listener?!?

All of the above.

I’ll start from the bottom.

Listeners – if allyuh really wanted to support and hear Urban _ish all year through y’all would buy the music, that’s not readily available, and listen to it instead of the radio.

Announcers and DJays – A.T.N.A – All Talk No Action! If allyuh wanted the music to play allyuh would play it. The Programme Director cyar do yuh nuttin for playing a big choon. Especially after the phone lines light up for playing what John Public wanna hear. It’s in your hands. But you like to use the excuse that you can’t play it coz it not on the list. Are there lists in the CLUB? apart from entry! Can you not play your own. Or is it that you have so well programmed by the Director you not on your own?

Programme Directors – simply add the music in. If people don’t call/text/tweet a request then you take it off. Just because it big on Billboard/Jamaica doesn’t mean it is appreciated here. Does the advertiser tell y’all what to play all the time. I doubt it. All those homophobic choonz of yesteryear, and the few bigoted songs that slip thru nowadays would not meet the international branding of your major Advertisers. Then again they probably want to keep John Public ignorant.

Advertisers – please know that even though we are seemingly a docile bunch, Trinis have been know to RISE to the occasion. Every twenty years or so. Wait we just star another twenty. The last one doesn’t count. That was just politics. This one is cultural. Why not INVEST in Local Culture more? Some ah allyuh doing good already but can you imagine if you truly partner with locals? The kind of recognition that could bring.

I see it as a simple thing. If WE really want to hear OUR Local Sound we go where it is played. If your radio station ain’t playing it I’ll go to another. You’ll lose listenership. Adverts rates would have to be lowered. Advertisers might leave coz of decreased listenership. Blah blah blah. I know it doesn’t work quite like that coz it’s Trini after all. What MovieTowne boycott?

So the real problem is the Artistes themselves. Allyuh need fi buck up. If allyuh win a SOCA Monarch title DOH go on any stage and give FOREIGN thing bigger forward than ours. Yuh selling out and selling yuhself short. :/ palance

Please note that these totally rambled comments are directed to the misdirected URBAN radio market SOCA and DANCEHALL included. Dudes like Nebula868 have done great work in the Hip-Hop market and because I can purchase their music online they are not included in this rumbly rant.

  1. David Wears
    4 July, 2011 at 11:27

    I think you simplified this problem a bit too much. We sure do wish it was as simple as “playing ah big chune” and getting the listeners to telephone, which causes your PD to give u a big-up….only in lala land, dude! I know of instances where DJs, from the big radio stations, were suspended n even fired when they chose to ‘put God outta their thoughts’ n play a local or non-themed song. We have some radio stations that don’t allow wavering from the song list, as this is what the advertisers n sponsors want.
    I’m very glad to hear new station to de scene, SLAM 100.5, dishing out local music, not just soca, but I heard rap, rock n soul being played. Big up Nebula 868.
    The listeners are also sum of the biggest culprits out here, after all, I still believe that the DJs play wat the ppl want. When DJ Private Ryan was dishing out Vybes Kartel n Movado, me ain’t see nobody cussing, me see bumsees wining like is ah Machel was on. Now I was hearing Ryan playing soca n the crowd wasn’t moving as much as they did for Summertime. Imagine ah man write ah fucking song about ‘Summertime in Jamaica….ah sure iz just ah matter of time b4 sum asshole go make Summertime in ah Trini! Lol
    Anyway, me thinks the problem is us all; as listeners, we doh complain when local tunes not playing; as radio n non-radio DJs, we does follow big chunes, n follow what the ppl want we to play BUT we also take ah money from the producers n sum artists to play chune, just like they, the DJs tongue does wag when Jamaican release ting; Programmers n their bosses are considered ‘the mafia’ so they are devils….are they? Weeeeellllll, they set the trend of music, so some station PD & bosses may be considered…..; Finally advertisers, I’m not sure here. Well, that’s my two cents. What do u think?

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