Tech Talk

It’s another Public Holiday here in sweet T&T. Corpus Christi. I think you supposed to plant something today, so I planting ideas. Ideas on the future of technology and how we will be using it/them.

I recently invested in an iOS device (better late than never) and couldnt be more pleased. I immediately saw it’s promise and well the lil one is semi impressed. Attention spam of like 5 minutes is sometimes spread to 10 when counting or reading along. The interface is as simple as it is sold as. Yes a two year old can do the simplest of tasks. And the plethora of FREE apps can certainly keep one busy enough. I’ve installed most of the apps I use on my desktop machine with ease and many sync data without problem.

Now as with any computing device you can only get out of it what you put in. So it’s up to you to decide it’s use. The need for an mp3 player currently doesn’t exist for me as my older iPodPhoto still works, even if it can’t keep a battery charge for more than two days to properly boot. as portable storage. I simply didn’t need it. My line of employment doesn’t require me to walk around with any files, always have a 4 gb thumb drive for those presenters who forget theirs tho. That being said I can now easily walk around with my show reel and well show it off wherever necessary. Don’t have to boot up a laptop/netbook or walk around with one of those DVD players. Not that I meet many people who wanna see my work anyway.

So off the lil indulgence on one of the OSes of the future and onto the newer incarnations of software delivery and improvements



Apple dropped FCPX this week and well people rushed out to buy it. Those with capable machines I should add. Sadly mine isn’t so I am not among the crop of early adopters and I don’t see it in the near future either, especially after some of the reviews. The app has become top seller/grosser in a few days with many a reviewer expressing the want of a refund. It is said to be a bloated PROer version of iMovie. Stripping features that users had not only grown accustomed to but what made having FCP7 sensible. Multiiclip is one that I’ve used and fully appreciated. Sometimes it doesnt pay to be an early adopter. Does it ever? They are also poised to drop their new OS in the same manner. wish them luck.


Next up is some amazing technology from/called lytro. The camera captures all the info it can about the field of light before it. Then you can adjust to your hearts delight. Create tilt shift, focus in the fore/background. Amazing. All for a comparable price to regular prosumer cams too?


And lastly is my latest guilty pleasure. a DJ service of sorts where you DJ for crowds and gain points die your plays. It could turn out to be the place where artists play their stuff promo or just somewhere to discover new music. Not that those places don’t already exist. Currently in beta and by invite only. Not entirely sure how the heck I was able to infiltrate it! to me it has potential but being the critic I am I have issue with playlist creation and replays. If I wanted to listen to radio I would. Then again I don’t think the users are really sure what is the direction.

So enjoy the Corpus Christi. Try to find out who put out a hit on Mr. Crime Watch coz you could get $500k from him. Better than CrimeSroppers. And be vigilant.

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