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Criminals at Large

Got up this morning to a notification from Facebook that someone posted a note on the NObehaviourSHOW page. When I read it I was confused. It was a crime story about an incident at MovieTowne. Read the comments below it and well, I said to myself don’t comment. Them people not thinking logically they only on feelings. Feelings that I might have had myself if I knew the people involved. Maybe I do?

My concern tho is the call for a boycott. MovieTowne does not exist in a vacuum. It is part of Trinidad & Tobago. 3 branches nationwide. Yes even in Tobago. Why boycott? Why not talk to the owner first, along with the police to see what can be done. It isn’t the first time I have heard of a gun toting Negro in the vicinity (their words). Last time a youth lost his life for a gold chain. It happened in the Eco Park which is like 10 meters away. the same kind of robberies occur daily on the streets and have happened at other shopping/cineplex areas as well. I am not trying to deny people their right to feel anguish but seriously. This ain’t a new thing. Is it that it now reach close to your home?

I have been involved or have had family robbed as well. All I could do is offer support to them and go vigilante to find he criminals. Crime is a serious blot on our country and the perpetrators are those who seemingly don’t have and don’t care. Boycott cannot be an answer else all the malls will soon be empty. We as a people need to properly partner with the protective/social services. That is do our part. Blah blah blah on their ineffectiveness and what ever else. That _ish ain’t helping anyone. Allyuh called to boycott Trincity Mall. Folks still went. Ian Alleyne said boycott Price Plaza… MovieTowne opened right across the road and his former employer has a store there. I Agree with your calls for increased security but unless you have proof that Chin is KingPin yuh cyar blame him.

Ent Jack come out with the guise of innocence from FIFA!

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