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Healthy Labour Fast Food Father

just a brief synopsis of yesterday which in Trinidad was a double duty day of sorts. Father’s and Labour Day. Celebrate by many in various ways.

Take the minister of Health. She chose to purchase a Wendy’s something for lunch/tea. I took it as an endorsement that this one version of Fast Food is good enough for this obese father. The Sant’s were also in with their kiddies so it was a happy meal al over. Poppa Sant even took an extra lil something home. Yes I ate their as well coz I wasnt at home and well where else was open on a Sunday afternoon? Still don’t understand how folk could fork out a forty everyday for Fast Food that takes ten minutes to get to you.

That was lunch… Now onto the Fathers. I learned via tumblr that the dude killed in one of the early Labour movement struggles was a dad of four. Amazing. Think the junction is named after him. That kind of history is seriously overlooked on a regular basis. I am not sure what went down in Fyzabad yesterday but I know that the Duke of Port-of-Spain didn’t go. Guess 5% doesn’t make you many friends.

20110620-125633.jpgI ended up at some Calypso competition at the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA) that featured about 18 folk from various Private and Public Monarch Competitions. Best thing of the night was hearing young Aaron Duncan opening the show. FYI some dude from NLCB won. Current Calypso & Extemporaneous Monarchs also performed. ’twas an aight event.

And well Sasha Mohammed proved to be a lil too smart. Emailing threatening letters from a trackable machine. All dem internet cafe all over an you so dunce you use your own. Special Advisor to the PM is right. You real SPECIAL.

Onto the next PP Debacle. I think it’s the COPs turn to do something silly. Oh yes they having elections in a couple of weeks…

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