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walk a mile and a half

now thing have been quit on this site coz i kinda disinterested in real things theses days… eh really into nothing other than work… and well i happen upon this article in d Trinidad Express today… online version… Manning to walk from PoS to Sando

what really strikes me is the people in the picture… all former minister… alll losing candidates in the last general election… funny enought the UNC celebrating their victory today… thought it was a Partnership?!? more like partnerSHIFT or partner$H!T… anyhoo… what is the aim of this walk… and how far will Patos really walk?

you really need a whole week to walk that distance? and i tort Pedestrian Traffic isnt allowed on the Nation’s Highyways! i wonder who gonna walk alongside/behind/with him. the same people in the picture? the former MPs from the areas he gonna walk through? is the walk gonna be inclusive of the weekend! the Sabbath gonna be neglected?

only as an afterthought i wondered if Jesus Walks would be the soundtrack for this 7 day sojourn!

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  1. nastylittletruths
    24 June, 2011 at 23:43

    Hey Bandi… You were on hiatus too? For me part it was either apathy or sheer laziness as I was on a break too. I had one question for the people with the el Patos on his walk (and I would have paid to be there if I could…)

    As soon as you pass under the Union Hall overpass and the ‘tsunami shelter’ came into view, and for the mile or so that you had to walk and just couldn’t ignore it, what did you ask your leader? Oh crap – another question – and if you didn’t ask, why didn’t you?

    Collosal waste of time and space I tell you. The free thinkers on that walk probably couldn’t fit into a ‘chip-chip’ shell…

    • 26 June, 2011 at 19:45

      apathy and sheer laziness do describe my hiatus very well

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