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Toothless in T&T

PITBULLS owned by a police officer attacked and killed a woman on her way to work yesterday.

Woman killed by seven pitbulls by Nikita Braxton-Benjamin South Bureau

Just last month, four-year-old Ezekiel Renne-Cambridge, a preschool pupil, was attacked by two hybrid dogs —a German Shepherd and an Akita mixed with German Shepherd


A resident said it was the sixth time the dogs had attacked residents in the area. The dogs also killed seven dogs last year, they claimed. They are calling for justice and want the dogs put to death. They also demanded the owner apologise to Denise’s the family and offer as much assistance as possible. They claim dogs were being bred for sale and there were approximately 30 pit bulls, including puppies. They said they had no problem with the man rearing dogs, but they should be properly secured. “There are no kennels and proper facilities for breeding,” they complained.

Woman killed by cop’s 4 pit bulls by Kevon Felmine


Investigators told Newsday they received reports from residents that these pitbulls were behind the attack and death of 15 dogs last October. The residents further claimed to investigators that this was the third attack on humans, but the first fatality.

Resident Susan Rivas stood near the house of the pitbulls and shouted, “These dogs must be killed. The owner must face the consequences of his dogs’ actions. A woman is dead.”

Rivas told investigators that her 19-year-old son, Scherade Rivas, was attacked by the same pitbulls two years ago. “I still have his bloody clothes. I made a report to the Chaguanas Police Station and nothing was done…nothing. Look what happened this morning. These same dogs killed an innocent woman who was on her way to work, to earn money to see about her family. I am not afraid to speak out and ask for these dogs to be put to death,” Rivas said.

Housing Development Corporation (HDC) Programme Project Manager, Christopher Booker, who is currently in charge of the housing development in the area told Newsday that he spoke to the owner of the pitbulls last week. “It is very sad to see what happened here today. Just last week I spoke to that man about his dogs and nothing was done,” Booker said.

On April 8, a homeless man who lived in the San Juan market and was known only as “King” was mauled to death by two Rottweilers while picking limes from a tree at Fifth Street, San Juan.


after reading the reports and watching some on the news there’s gonna be someone in the PP who gonna make a play for the Dangerous Dogs Act (2000) [pdf] to be relaid in Parliament and proclaimed this time around… i’m sure of it… the insurance that would be needed would be most welcome to any political party financier… and the concrete blocks to construct proper kennels for these animals as well… i could just imagine that the orders for steel to make stronger gates have dramatically increased… but wait it didnt happen ten/eleven years ago why will it now… especially considering that this last incident involves a police officer…

  • a Police Officer living in a HDC house… yess HDC the govt agency that could tell yu what you can or cant do with your property for sometime… the same HDC  who apparently warned the same police officer about securing the dogs…
  • and the neighbours… allyuh have allyuh self to blame… 15 other dogs killed in October by these and allyuh still living there honky dory… first fatality… allyuh was cool once it was d lil bite… shucks the owner is a Police Officer…
  • where is the TTSPCA or whatever they’re called… Police Officer has 30 odd animals in such a small space and allyuh eh have nuttin tuh say… and breeding dem too… he eh need special ting for dat…
  • and i would like Board of Inland Revenue to please Audit this officer… he breeding dogs for sale… surely he has to pay tax on that… he making money off the books…

i am not an advocate for killing the animals but who go pay for this… where is the JUSTICE gonna come from… where MP SnakeMan? will/can Civil suits be brought against the owner/s of these dogs? should they be brought? who can prove ownership? we have no tagging or collaring of any kind in Trinidad!

i fedup see dogs walking astray and the owners simply state that they’ll come home when they’re hungry… wonder if thats how they parent too… the days of LAWLESSNESS and the HANDS-OFF approach hadda done…

oh yeah Mary… resign nah… eef yuh did disclose at the start we wouldnt have to say so now…

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