Promoting the Production of a FOUNDATION

good lord i know is LENT buh this fella eh serious… who tell me to click on this link to read what this man had to say.. granted I still waiting on official results… might get them tomorrow as the Prize Giving Ceremony is tonight at the Hyatt Regency… wait… I tort the BOY collect he cheque already…

Oh… allyuh wah know what i going on about… well here it is straight from the horse’s mouth

“People from all over the world came in for the competition. Soca Monarch promoted T&T Carnival to the world…it was advertised to the world. A show of that quality and that magnitude cost a lot of money,” Munro maintained. “We have not confirmed the figures just yet… but our estimate is well over $19.5M.

two months on and accounts have yet to be finalized?

Shaking his head with a smile on his face, Munro made reference to the recent bid by Tobago to have the 2011 international, Miss World beauty pageant hosted on the island. “Look, these people is something else yes! I hear on a station a week ago, Tobago would be willing to host Miss World. I want the population to pay attention. Now mind you, I am in favour of it, but can you imagine the amount of money it would cost T&T to host a show of that stature? But nobody will say a thing, and that is a private organisation. Caribbean Prestige is a foundation—not an organisation,” explained Munro.

AHH YES… wasnt the original name Production or PROMOtion i forget!!! FOUNDATION my R@$$

“I want you to write this…because the public has to know how much this country benefits from Soca Monarch. “At the office we found out that all the hotels were booked with over 80,000 visitors, in for Carnival—majority of them attended the show, and if not, they watched it at home or where ever else they could have seen it. But they saw it. “Besides that, taxi drivers, caterers—everybody benefited financially from the event,” said Munro. He added that more than 500 security personnel with 120 dogs were employed for the event.

LOL… is this the same figure the GoRTT used… so everybody come for SOCA Monarch?!? if they were in hotels do you say they stayed at home? one thing tho… did the dogs have ear plugs while in that extremely loud environment?

“Thank God Machel allowed me to use the stage as is, because there was no time for a new set-up.”

OH GAAD OYE!!! Yuh mean to say the Scaffolding company just left up the stage… complete with the BOY’s Rigging already in place… seems like an unfair ADVANTAGE to me…

“I am saying if you want Soca Monarch to remain in T&T, then you must pay attention to it, because too many countries want it and are fighting for it. I was totally disappointed with the Minister and his actions,” quipped Munro.

NOW HOLD UP you saying that it eh have SOCA Monarch anywhere else… well let them others have a GO… and let them FOOT the BILL too… ent yuh say that all d Appearance FEE and PRIZE Money was coming from the GoRTT ie MY POCKET

“I was inspired, after seeing Denise Belfon’s presentation, to give prizes next year for ‘best presentations.’ So, I am stating now the first prize winner will receive $100,000, the second $50,000 and the third prize for best presentation would receive $25,000 dollars,” vowed Munro.

INSPIRED by Denise Belfon’s presentation… like yuh eh read/See the thing Up Close and Personal… a competition within a competition… LAWD… so yuh could WIN 2 or 3 Prize den… iz bess i start to sing SOCA OUI… or get into PROMOTING/PRODUCING/FOUNDING

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