just a lil blurb on the past weeks proceedings… you have to read between the lines… if you cant… reply and i’ll try to clear up any info…

people have their panties up in a bunch coz a man talk bout equality… and well the papers/media jump on it coz they eh have nuttin to report on… giving we updates on the BOY case is still BIG news… they eh seek to find out from the man in charge of the Association why he tell d man in charge of the Commission what he did… pretty sure as well that 95% ah d people commenting eh worry to check out Parliament Channel in dey life either… my take on the issue… we cyar have no Affirmative action… if yuh apply and qualified you should get the wukk… that being said… i does send out real application and zip… nothing… nada… and is to all kinda people… they muss be have a family fuh d wukk instead…

BOY ketch some craps while in court… i jess regurgitating some ah d news in d press… all dem long cross Atlantic flights have the legs dem tight… if they cramping up now could only imagine how cramped them jail cell does be… no worries tho… ent the ruling party is yuh pallies… and yuh have d Head ah d Law Association defennin yuh… yuh sure to get off… take advantage of the fact that the case going on for years and years… and yuh still outside… eh even smell remand yard like some lil chupidee who fuhget to pay child maintenance

the Black Spainard fly he dread… yeah d man cut he locks and Facebook and twitter was jumping through hoops… i an all was upset with the amount of attention it got… considering that i cut meh own hair the week before… that should be an accomplishment… i did it mehself… eh pay no dude to trim d locks.. and no jaguar ride after… and he misses studyin to trim hers too… oh gawd… how all dem cuttin they locks so… it was a side bet for dat competition or wah? doh win… yuh hold a barber and consider it done?

and that brings me to the barber bwoy saga… the whole scene smellin real stink… it was a real setup thing… OHO… Yuh never do a choon with sertain entertainer… then why yuh eh put it out there since it release… eh… JA carnival does be right after T&T own… doh tell me you nor any of your crew heard anything… wam dat eh make it pon the Gully Side… and d presenter was all giggles… even kinda sellin out the scene… was it just a stunt to get people to hear your name and come to a concert while damaging another’s career…

until next time… Hell bruk loose again…

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