SOCA Monarch 2011 results


  1. Machel Montano HD – Advantage [view on youtube]
  2. Neil Iwer George aka The Boss – Come To Me [view on youtube]
  3. Bunji Garlin – Hold Ah Burn [view on youtube]
  4. Fay-Ann Lyons Alvarez – Consider it Done [view on youtube]


  1. Kes – Wotless [view on youtube]
  2. Benjai – Trini [view on youtube]
  3. Destra Garcia – Cool It Down [view on youtube]
  4. Blaxx – Tantie Woi

no points were announced… brief synopsis to come after i get some sleep… ting was real sticky

after much thought i eh writing nuttin on SOCA Monarch… show was poorly produced by CNC3 and CPF… worse than Dimanche Gras… BOY hit too low under the belt… Bunji showed that even though he from the BUSH/Ghetto he doh need to stoop to that level… Fay Ann look real good in that Meiling Kit… read what Da Face had to say on it as well… think many of us commenters on the industry didnt really care about the competition results but really the aftermath… and it eh looking too bright to me… this rift/division that one entertainer has the habit of creating/initiating will not carry this industry forward… guess what… in 2010 the vibes wasnt as sticky… while you stood on the sidelines… so i could only hope that the GoRTT doh offer no Million dollar prizes again… let the show promoters fund their own _ish…

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