by(e) George?!?

i cyar help but laugh at these entertainers oui… they keeping me entertained… i does usually watch the CHUTNEY SOCA Monarch on the tele but i was kinda feeling sick so i went in meh bed early this year only to hear dat the JAI Master RIKKI had copped the crown yet again… and honestly i couldnt care less who won… what i cared about tho was the subsequent musings and reaction of one paarticluar faction of CHUTNEY supporters… namely the KARMA fans… the same fans who were all YEA YEA last year when Ravi won and well Rikki was vex… vex at the same promoter and voting system…

a year later and the JAI Master knew exactly how and what to do to win in a system that is replete with ways to subvert it… now i read a lil blurb on facebook about somebody calling George Singh of SOUTHEX a smart man… which event promoter isnt… ive heard that of Randy Glasgow… buh he never fleece me of any money… at least i dont think so… my problem in this whole issue tho is the behaviour of supporters… and artists… CNMG who have brokered the rights to broadcast all of the Chutney Events for 2011 Carnival have upped a video depicting what can only be seen as dispickable behaviour by any entertainer… Ravi B actually calls on the crowd to throw whatever objects on stage clearly in disgust of losing… now i say LOSE coz RAVI touted Saturday night to be the Return of the King… clearly he forgot that he was currently on the throne and the Return he Touted was that of RIKKI…

now the B’s could have acted how they wanted but i kinda feeling sorry for lil Gregory Ayuen… he can clearly be heard on the video asking if everything is alright… and well he gets caught in the crossfire… i for one would refuse to be in the same venue as a paying patron with anything related to this kind of behaviour… and especially as Greg is the REAL reason anyone wanna see/hear… lets leave it as see KARMA for Carnival… i eh know what KI have to say about Ravi dropping he name but i go leave that out… and not venture…

Ravi and RIKKI carried out extensive VOTING Campaigns employing TV/RADIO/highway billboards and bombarding everyone at whatever Fete they happened to be booked for… and well last year it was good for one but not for the other… so judging by some of the comments emanating from this incident all these entertainers will either seek out certain producers along who will continue to get BIG and RICH or they’ll create their own competition where they can then fight about judging criteria… at the end of the day i could only hope that this TT$2Million pay day was a once in a lifetime kinda thing coz the same nonsense happening on the SOCA side of the Merry Monarchs…

money money money is the root of all evil

B did apologize buh its still left to be seen… maybe he go done with competition like many other artiste…

yuh cyar change meh no way… gyal yuh know i is a…

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