for the next REAL SOCA STAR… now seriously… every Tom Dick and Harrylal singing a SOCA… does it really mean that the artform is that weak… or is it that they just wanna tell a story and production costs are virtually non existant with rampant piracy by some …  production costs aside all you need in SOCA is a hook… for years many thought that it was just word like JUMP and WAVE… now WINE and LEFT/RIGHT are here with us… Capleton had FIRE long before Bunji Garlin but it seems that with Mr. Bailey’s disappearance from the mainstream Reggae/Dncehall market everyone like to ask the crowd to say FIRE!!!


i posting this coz well over the years the DJs have been singing more and more SOCA… they eh singing anything else… now our little islands only have a lil 1.5 million so it bong to have that happening.. my problem tho is those who out here to gimmick the industry and set it back… JW & Blaze went from hosting SOCA Monarch to taking the title… DANG… now i could only hope and pray that Umba aka Matsemelia Sound just take the chain up from Shal Marshall for this year and this year alone… the song was well enuff written (prob by Shal etal) and even less better performed… i eh knocking Umba buh he eh no singer… go tru wid yuh song… but when it getting more airplay dan Mr. Vybe’s Bumper Season oh gosh man… i hadda say MAFIA

and i wonder who the MAFIA gonna push for SOCA Monarch… iz a bmobile competition and one of the best song in it is by a Digicel artiste… now i just throwing out what some have already said buh at the end of it… i figure that CPP cyar play the fool with this competition again… if any hint of trickery come with the results this year they liable to turn the BIGGEST FETE for Trinidad Carnival into the biggest piece of BOBOL COMPETITION… it already have FINAL positions going to regional artistes… i feel they should get a spot in the SEMIs alone…  back to the MAFIA.. .i getting bombarded on the radio by a whole heap of BIG TOP UP… and well is like a brainwash… only thing is that i eh have no working cellie from dat network so i couldnt be bothered with em…

so a Television presenter an all decide he gonna sing too… now i sure is just to promote his show just like how the Stamina Man did his… so eef allyuh up to it allyuh could go support the youngSTARS like Noble Vox and the rest for SynergyTV’s SOCA Star 3+3… doh really know what happen tuh d previos winners… Fireball back to squeezing Juice? or trying he mouth at extempo? and wha happen tuh Chinee… he mistakenly get sent to China when all dem UDeCOTT projects finish? at least METRO get a new magazine named after him!!!

  1. 13 February, 2011 at 13:05


  2. wuzdescene
    14 February, 2011 at 0:49

    boy hear nah … I was really suppose tuh post ah lil sumtin sumtin about de Soca Monarch semi-finalists …. cuz I see it have people like Denyse Plummer …. and Crazy …. and Ajala?? …. and All Rounder?? …. grrrr? …. wha dem singin dat coulda reach de semis …. and doh start meh on dat Umba song … dat song is pure shite …. and what about Umi Marcano …. he muzbe de only surviving Synergy Soca star ….

    Chups … Carnival does jus bug me yes!!!

    Cuz then there’s also Chutney which ah find like yuh eh mention at all ….

    • 21 February, 2011 at 15:04

      didnt even realise you replied nah… yeah i made mention of the CHUTNEy in the first paragraph… some of the producers have made it BIG and RICH in the industry… as for content… is RUM/who HORNING… its just like SOCA only the INDIAN equivalent… so there may be a bit differing issues… but still the same feeble attempts at double entendre…

      as for new stars… the former KING who hailed his RETURN get booted out last weekend by the REAL MASTER… i may not like what he has become… either of them really… but the infighting within our small industry has got to stop… it have enough for us all to eat something… i just hope that whoever WIN SOCA Monarch could handle it as there’s gonna be some serious backlash if its not the BOY…

  1. 2 March, 2011 at 18:59
  2. 12 April, 2011 at 15:18

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