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just have to laugh at this whole Security/Intelligence debacle… you would think that these Security/MP/Senate folks would have had all their ducks lined up in a row before they opened up their mouths… oh well i not gonna dwell on it… not gonna dwell on the fact that Heysus Devine entering SOCA Monarch either… maybe its the TT$2Million that’s the draw… havent heard any tune from Heysus to even fathom the thought that he could WIN the title either… coz the GROOVY part of the competition have better choon so far… Ah WOTLESS

and what going on with all the Music Videos that artistes keep promising… KES does make some, HD try a ting a few years ago… i still waiting on Marlon Asher Ganja Farmer… he went Africa to shoot it… and doh come tell me bout expense… man like Trevor Sayers releasing thing normel normel… allyuh eh have a twenny thous to make a decent vid… cmon… what allyuh performing for whole year… tuh build house wit no foundation… ask Rikki Jai how d Sumintra video help him to become a household name… we only hear SonnyMan and never saw him… and Adesh make a lil vid for Rajin… i eh asking for a 30 min Kanye West flim… a lil performance piece… shoot something in HighDef and slap it together… Synergy showing vids that years old coz it eh have nuttin new… and they could look to sell the video too… wonder how many artistes actually seek to get their footage from promoters who record their shows…

i looking at this from the perspective as a consumer who wants to see himself on the screen… film class and all… even if we havent covered the topic… coz its all part of marketing and branding… geez i doh like the video for Farmer Nappy’s Flirt but it made me actually listen to the song… and i like the song… buhwahmoder have a video… moving on… well kinda…

onto d classes thing… we really eh have any excuse to be out of work/uneducated nah… i see UWI Open Campus running full page ads for a plethora of courses… yes is money hadda pass buh i studyin to go study some Electrical… so i could do some lil extra wukk… wanna do the lil Air Condition thing too but next cycle… if i sign up i go be busy till July but then i could make back that TT$800/20 week investment in one or two weeks wukkin… yuh see i could try tuh get a wukk on a film set as an electrician… or could just be a handier operator who has extended knowledge… more marketable… i also read somewhere that it better to be actively learning as you get older too… so d brain eh go turn tuh mush and yuh get ‘old timers’ (read Alzheimer’s) … not that i old buh its been some years since i study anything and it have younger than me who be taxing d brain soon enuff…

T&T Carnival seems to heighten everyones awareness about the flaws within our entertainment industry… when i think about how i was introduced to JointPop and other non rapSOCAlypso entertainers was via the tele… some music video shot among the pine trees up at Mount St. Benedict, or San Fernando Hill, utilizing Naparima Bowl’s mossy steps or some random street corner… ramble ramble ramble…

in closing all i have to say is DOH DRAG D FLAG

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