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off with their hats

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RANT time…

so i is to check facebook this morning and see people complaining about how a particular BANK in Trinidad & Tobago has implemented a NO HAT on while in the bBank policy and no cellphone talking either…

FIRST off this policy has been in place for a while… months if not a year… now is only coz Ian Alleyne of Crime Watch fame‘ brought out some alleged story bout a Rastafarian… or someone resembling one… who closed an account at said Bank… I’ve been to a few of these branches and i have no problem with the Bank’s rules… its in place to safeguard our security…

the HAT is a problem coz someone can use it to block their face from the security camera thereby they wont be easily recognizable… would you like for said hat wearer to linger/loiter in the bank to scope you out then follow you to the car park and rob your @$$… then you go complain that the bank doh care about you… just yesterday while on a wukk, something for BATT and Bankers Week, a man was making a presentation on awareness and security and i had to inform a coworker that yes… people have been robbed within Bank Branches before… yes from inside the Bank… they BANDITS brought them to the Bank to withdraw money from the account… under GunPOINT too… so if allyuh have a problem with the Bank for implementing such policy please take your business to another institution that could give a $hit bout your safety… or their employees…

next thing is the cellphone use… especially while at the teller… that is what really irks me… you stand in a line for eleven odd minutes an then when you reach the teller you happen to have to use your phone… you is a @$$ or a marble… seriously… you cyar do that after… you sooo effin important… geez… oh and the ban is not only for that eh… coz d bandit could be informing others about your transaction so as to be ready and waiting for you… it also protects you from blabbin all yuh bizness to the whole bank…

some who complaining about this BAN is the same people who want ah whole heap of business establishment to install CCTV cams for their safety when on the premises… buh want to wear a HAT while indoors… WHAM?!? d fluorescent lamp dos tan yuh forrid (read forehead)? Granny never tell yuh not to wear yuh HAT indoors either… so gimme a break… CRIME is rampant and all the BANK trying to do is put measures in place to ensure everyones safety… and security…

i eh have thousands buh when i go to cash meh lil cheque i kinda glad there are measures in place to have a secure enough environment when i do… you would also be informed to know that Telebanking and online transactions are facilitated by this same Bank so i do suggest you utilize the features… or as stated above… withdraw yuh money and go by another one so yuh culd wear yuh HAT and talk on yuh CELLPHONE

  1. 20 January, 2011 at 11:50

    Hats off to the bank! Security first.

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