90 days of…

so the GoRTT wants to waive the entry visa for Indians (from India) and Russians (see Jack Warner and his FIFA bredrens about that one)… yeah they could come and do what they choose and only if they here longer than 90 days they have to apply for a VISA… i heard some mess on the news that its supposed to help create business and trade opportunities… just sounds like a load of GOBAR to me… a business man wouldnt/shouldnt find it hard to acquire a visa… original statement/excuse was to help tourism… yeah i could imagine Russians escaping the winter but Indians from India… please them does only come to sell in all dem <strike>un</strike>FAIRS! like the Dome by Centre of Excellence, Nagar site and down Debe by Lall

so if allyuh want to really boost Tourism why not fix the Public Transportation System… and i doh mean the Maxis & Taxis… make sure allyuh have reliable bus service… you know make sure that the mechanic do all the oil change and thing on time… make sure the driver make he notes before and after he shift… doh come and tell me but no Rapid Rail… we talking bout things that can be implemented immediately… and legalising and illegal enterprise isnt the answer either Mr. Warner… PH is illegal for a reason… i not saying that Maxi/Taxi drivers any better or worse when it comes to their service or police records but insurance/assurance is my issue…

i used to travel with PH… but one day i decided that it wasnt worth my life.. plus some a dem in my area was real @$$hole… you see they wasnt from my area… they came from other areas and i really didnt want to encourage them in they slackness… not everywhere could have a Govt Transport system… and not everyone could afford to wait on somehing at the top of  the hour… in my day i also had Bus pass and actually bought bus tickets too… bu if you miss the bus dats it… you eithr reaching late or eh reaching at all… coz you see some routes only had the service for peak hours… and in one direction too… so if you miss it you either walk out to a Main Road and hope yuh get a Maxi/Taxi coz it eh have time to wait on the next bus…

allyuh get the jist of what i saying… the Maxi/Taxi does suppliment that lack of service… and the PH too… the current MoWT Man say that he lil mobilisation when the Maxi/Taxi strike’ was successful… yeah coz nuff people get FREE RIDE on BUS and other means of Transport… and guess who pick up the bill.. well yes We the taxpayers… so is bess they just have Bus on the road full time just picking up and dropping off whenever somebody press the bell… now self dem Maxi go stop price gouging (directed towards Route 2/Red band)…

coming to talk bout dem PTSC workers now… also overheard on the news about them not being motivated… BRRR?!? ent allyuh getting a salary… i eh know how much it is buh yuh eh wukkin fuh FREE… my motivation is to support family and self and then when i get paid is to keep getting paid so i does work to the best of my abilities… coz it always have somebody to pick up the slack… always… and their motivation is the same thing… to get that cheddar…

so i would like this current GoRTT to start to do some real work and deliver on some real problems facing the country.. like fixing all the corruption in Licensing Office… yes that is under MoWT Man… and the port clearance issue too as well as the real bad roads… i just spent over TT$500 on one tyre coz of a blowout cause by potholes and bumpy road… when allyuh going to open the Flyover… yeah the ONE that the previous set a clowns started… so that it could cause real jam on a lil road that wasnt meant for all that traffic… the list goes on and on…

i was really trying to make it 3 months into the year before i had to post on Politics and Governance buh allyuh on real balls for the start of this year… and i say allyuh coz nobody tell d MoWT Man he on _ish… as i say _ish… tell the Duke of Abercromby (so dumbed by a talk show host) to leave that Parlour behaviour for private please…

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