to infinity and beyond

another calendar year passed by and what was accomplished… nothing more than staying alive… quite easy if you dont put yourself out there for _ish to happen to you… no near misses with accidents… just health and strength (physical)… give thanks… a few threats… even if it was from the same person… i have been told i have a death wish… still hasnt changed apparently… dont expect it to either… why should it… its the one thing i have seen happen… for sure… the only guarantee that has ever shown itself to me… RIP Kennis, Ellis, Haiti earthquake, Pakistan flood, Palestine flotilla…

lost an associate this year and well at the end the relationship wasnt what it could/should have been but it was what it was… hold no grudges… hard work pays off or doesnt… or you dont get to see the results… i think thats it… sometimes all that hard work leaves you out in the wilderness… coz… well… not everyone has your agenda in mind… they’ve got their own… PM PM (now MP PM), PM KBP (CariCom, CCJ), FIFA (hard luck dey England), Haliburton (fracking etal)…

so this was just to let you know that you would receive the same sporadic updates of content from d i… occasional rants and whatever else brought you here to this lil part of the cybernettickinterwebz…

no cliches about 2010 into 2011… except that it go be the same _ish on a daily dat one has to deal with… an doh be expecting to hear all dem SOCA choon either… too much hassle… check youtube and take yuh listen there… nuff ‘promoting’ a gwaan… i looking to promote my take home pay and d people around me…


++++typical tangent shift/rant++++

i saw this video d odder day and it had me up a wall… that is what you saying thanks for… some material BS while callin d lord name… STEUPSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

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