doubles wit slight

so i finally get to see the lil flick… it eh a film… flim maybe… and all i can say is that CONTENT is KING… good thing there was pretty good editing and that brought it all together… it was like a lil iMovie smash up that really worked… Trinis should LOVE this flick and embrace it… it brought the message… just a lil quote from Doubles wit Slight

fourpulls coz fourskin doh sound right

there were some other student films that were shown… enjoyed them all…

  • The Blood and the Bois : Sigmond Cromwell , 2010 / 30′
    University of the West Indies (Students Activity Centre)
  • Somebody Shoot Me : Fidel Guerra , Racy Rousseau ,
    2010 / 33′
    University of the West Indies (Students Activity Centre)

i hope FLOW getting them to put on PPV so that who didnt get a chance to visit any of the screenings will have an opportunity to see them… and the producers/directors get a lil cut too… oh and i met the Doubles director too… she was selling Fish Broth… who the heck mixes Broth with doubles?!?

  1. 3 October, 2010 at 10:53

    final showing in the cimema is tomorrow Monday 4th October 2010 @ 2:30pm, Movietowne Port of Spain…. where you can speak to the directors… Q&A session

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