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Marley's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

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just writing coz this whole Buju Banton story reinforces so many of the things that he as an artiste has mentioned within his music and yet still… reality check… to err is humanman is fallible… i didnt really pay it any mind as to the outcome of the trial but in a way i was interested… i wasnt yea or nay as i didnt really feel the urge to see Gargamel in concert again… its not that ive had my fill but its just the crowds…

yesterday i made my way to the Taste T&T down Penalto work… and while there  got a message on my phone via twitter from a friend who wanted to know if i had anything to contribute to a post he was doing on Buju… i said nothing really… just that his performances in concert had real vibes… the only thing i wondered was if i had any video of him in concert… sadly i aint got squat…

i was there in Penal thinking that Weed/Sensimilia Persecution was probably the biggest Buju Banton song i owned on vinyl… and well today i was reminded that i was so wrong… my biggest Buju song isnt even written by him… its the word of GOD… and i say that without apology…  Psalms 23 that features Gramps Morgan is by far my most favourite… oh how was i reminded you ask… setting up another job today and my coworkers were in a funk… a couple of em seemed upset… not sure if it had to do with the Taste T&T job with very little eating on our part or the fact that they faced 90 minutes of traffic to reach to the upside down hotel… digress much… yeah… psalm 23… over heard on somebody’s phone… and since then ive been du-du-du du-du-du doing…

i wrote that comment on outlishmagazine’s article on Buju and the reply i got on twitter was as if i was joking about the article or other comments… i eh take any offence neither do i mean any by stating as much…. psalm 23 was a song i used when i needed to meditate… i think i prob listened to that for a whole  day at least once in my life… back when i had a portable minidisc player/recorder… that hook/line/chorus stuck with me… now Buju has many other songs that i LOVE but nothing can compare to this one… its like me singing along to Bob Marley while driving on the highway and the kids who have no idea who he is wondering if ive totally lost it…

i not knocking Mark Myrie at all coz i dont have the facts/truth of the case… all i can say is that being too Chatty Chatty does get you in trouble and if he did follow Granny simple advice of not speaking to strangers he wouldnt have been in entrapped… Hung Jury means just that… new trial(s)… so in closing i wah say a lil prayer for everybody who feeling down and out…

and here is Buju at his utmost best… cant see him perform but the energy that i get when i hear these performance are enough to last a lifetime…

PS this post has nothing to do with DuDus COKE…

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