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The Port of Port of Spain (PPOS) lies on recla...

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this RAINY Season has affected us all in T&T someway or the other… either we get trapped in a flood or get flood out or even stuck in traffic because some flood waters decide to wash away piece of the highway… on more than one occassion too the ODPM… a toothless organisation… has been called out… a man even lorse he wukk as a result of being too ineffective… wah dey wanted him to do… hold an umbrella over the whole of T&T…

so yesterday tong get flood out for like the umpteenth time… and again i have to say that Trini does get even more chupid when rain fall… especially in Port-of-Spain… FYI the lower part of the capital city is below sea level or what some like to call reclaimed land… who you reclaim it from.. Mother Earth… LOL… so anyway… i hear people take hours to leave tong… everybody see rain falling an decide to jump een dey car and get outta dodge at the same  time on flooded roadways… allyuh sweet too bad…. real sense… for those who live/work/traverse the capital city on a daily be reminded that Independence Square… yuh know where the Brian Lara Promenade is.. yeah… was originally called Marine Square… and as i tweeted yesterday… MARINE as in WATER… all there used to be water…. so when rain fall expect that it will happen… no amount of Gully Suckering could help that… worse yet if tide high… allyuh arse go be as dark as the rain clouds…

you see what the ODPM needs to do is not tell people where have landslip… they need fi tell people to stay put… Shelter in Place… wait until the rain done and we go tell allyuh when it safe to come out…

another thing is that the whole ah tong is concrete… it eh have no place tuh sapp up (absorb) all d water… concrete cyar do that.. it eh a sponge… allyuh only cutting d hills and then expect fuh yuh house not to fall and it not to flood… insanity unno…

hear nah… fuh all ah allyuh who was questioning where the relevant Ministers were… why they didnt go to Morvant to see flood damage… i go ask allyuh this… you going to inspect flood damage in the evening/night… and Morvant to boot… please… not even the MPs dat chupid…

and MET Office since i small i predicting weather better than allyuh… and allyuh hazzis fancy new radar… allyuh never learn how fi read the signs… talking bout unusual… nuttin unusual about these rainfall patterns… is just that drains clogged with rubbish and people doh use their common sense in disaster situations…

  1. 23 September, 2010 at 9:04

    The Met Office does one of two things (1) Say to look out for rain and food and landslide every day or (2) Say look out for rain after the flood. Met Services radar my foot! People have to look at the radar first.

    • 23 September, 2010 at 9:15

      i wonder if they do or how they look at it… the station is in Talparo and responsible for a 400 mile radius or something so… WE/T&T are supposed to warn Guyana and Grenada among others… i know that there were many a delay in setting up that station and truly wondered when it was opened if it was working…

      • 23 September, 2010 at 13:23

        Once a ribbon was cut they have no excuse

        • 23 September, 2010 at 15:49

          unveil plaque an ting… full works… bus even shut down bringing Ministry officials to come eat food

          • 23 September, 2010 at 15:59

            Plaque, food and bus full of invitees shutdown – that radar had to be working. I only hope the people working it too. If we can’t pickup a thunderstorm over POS wuh we leave for St. Georges.

  2. 23 September, 2010 at 9:52

    UMMMM! YEAH! 0_o

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