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23 September, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

so there is some kinda brewhaha over Katy Perry and her attire in a video with Elmo… LOL… first off… y you bringing a ‘POP’ star to parody one of their song to educate children? allyuh eh learn that they arent good role models… geez the Mickey Mouse Club House is like a brothel…

anyway… i grew up on Sesame Street in the 80s and since then there were questionable things… there are two guys living together in the basement… who frequently had sleep overs with other grow male characters… no problem there right… what about the music teacher who was living in the apartment with the dumb chick… he was the only one who knew sign language… suppose he was keeping her hostage and she was trying to tell us that he was molesting kids… nah that would never happen…

why kick a fuss about programming that you can turn off… grown folk need to take a chill pill… coz i only developed these theories when i was out of the Sesame Street demographic… kids today only hyper sexual coz parents allow em to watch and listen to grown folk _ish…

i still dont like Elmo and Telly annoys me… Kermit the Frog was always a fave as he is a PIMP… “Hidey Ho” … and Grover represents so many of us… constantly trying to do a million things and not getting even one right… and where’d that eight foot tall yellow bird come from…

you be the judge… Sesame Street pulled it from their YouTube channel but Katy didnt…


dem exploring Adult themes it seems with a parody of True Blood called True MUD

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