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well last night twitter broke twice… not that it ever really running 100% anyway… it kinda like how Google had a whole heap of services in beta for what seemed an eternity… both times the #VMAs… one was when Nicki Minaj was on stage and i think its coz of her derriere… peeps be wondering if it real… couldnt care less… and well the other was when Kanye came on… now i really eh know what went on as i didnt watch it… i was too busy taking een Angostura BOLD… think it was a rebranding launch of some sorts… Triniscene LIVE was streaming over the interwebz and Jesus Divine himself performed… now thats where the blog title comes from…

Fernandes Black Label

BOLD new look still drinking good - Fernandes Black Label

when HD started his performance he had a kinda twang… not the words he was using but the way he sounded… you know we here in T&T does say Fresh Water Yankee… it isnt the first time that ive heard him speak in this manner… and doubt it’ll be the last… buh fuh real… you back in Trini lorse the accent nah dan…i have family dat spends years out in foreign… coz they live there… and could revert to Trini the minute they land… or talking to other Caribbean folk… BOY BOY it was most annoying… it disappeared after a while but reappeared for brief moment when he asked who was in the crowd twittering… now the correct grammer should have been tweeting buh who really cares… i call tweeps twerps all the time… HD also called out his supposed BBM PIN number… his words not mine… it may well have also been Kevin Lyttle‘s for all we know… now i hit the sack half way during Black Stalin performance… buh apparently in closing the Taipan said he’s…

a digital being so he doh hav 2b in de country to be here!

i kinda glad i wasnt up to hear that… dan muss be had too much Angostura product while waiting backstage… and BTW some folk found he looked FAT… i said  relaxed… he still tinner dan d I…

PS ala WUZdeSCENE… whats this i hearing bout Lady GaGa in a Meat Suit…

  1. 13 September, 2010 at 11:06

    I was at a Second Sunday wedding lime so missed all d action. Thanks for filling us in 🙂

    • 13 September, 2010 at 11:12

      no prob K.. check the Triniscene link.. they have the vids up…

  2. de_real_dwears
    13 September, 2010 at 11:37

    LOL @ ur comments. I, too, found him a bit ‘chunky’, and he had a slight twang in the voice. I had to leave when he was doing his duet with Stalin. His performance was kinna off-key, as was his on-stage tone, which totally surprised me, cause u know Machel is a self-appointed perfectionist. So when I hearing all kinna tones on-stage I expect to see him blow-up, but he was most kool, calm and collected. Strange. I also noticed he mentioned that he might not be performing again next, and between me, you n the internet, I really don’t care. He hasn’t made a forward movement as an on-stage performer 2 or 3 years. I only wish we could see another band/artist to step up into his place. Or is that aura soo big? I wonder.

    • 13 September, 2010 at 13:54

      tru it doesnt seem to have any other band to fill the void… Kes performs tight but isnt that SOCA band…

      allyuh lucky i eh comment on the band that performed before the HD Family… dem was a waste… they was only there tuh sing RUM songs and tried to sing Top40… MESS is all can say… the ladies were pleased enuff to have eye candy with the dude who cant remember lyrics…

      oh yeah one more… where was ZAN?

  3. de_real_dwears
    13 September, 2010 at 15:05

    I noticed ur no comment on earlier bands, and followed ur move, but since you brought it up…. I wasn’t impressed in any way with Karma and, if I could, I woulda run Rikki Jai off the stage. It’s a pity this year’s Chutney isn’t much after hearing it for Carnival 2010. I know the Pungalung Factory will be churning out hit after hit in 2011, but hope we won’t be only hearing 2010’s regurgitations. Is there another theme besides drinking rum and begging ur wife to get back in the house? They scored a bumper year in 2009, BUT can they survive to 2011? Hmmm. I’m starting to look out for more imports from up the islands coming down like Chinee and raking in the big change. LOL. I LUUUUUUUV De King Street(don’t know the name, but it sweet), so ah ready to wine like ah Vincey, I already learn sweet wine from a Dominican, so ah safe dey. LOL

    edited by bandi to add this link to Maddzart – The King Road

  4. knycky
    13 September, 2010 at 16:57

    Dah ish about Boy being here but not here is something saying years now. De firs time ah hear him say it , we kinda laff it off. Boy geh real vex!!!

    …yuh kno wha? Ah starten tuh believe him…hmmmmmmmmmmm

  5. wuzdescene
    14 September, 2010 at 16:46

    bandi boy … I was suppose tuh go dat Angostura ting but de link-up was soundin like too much drama so I declined … which was totally a good move … cuz I cock-up whole nite and watch de VMAs …

    I heard Machel wasn’t his usual hype self tho … and I couldn’t believe dat de entire event was FREE …. Angostura have real money tuh waste!!!

    and yeah …. apparently de ting on her head …. he purse …. and her shoes …. was REAL MEAT …. Lady Gagy ah lil too weird fuh me yes …. love her music …. but de antics gettin lil tired now!

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