kumar sanu

this post has nothing to do with the famous Indian playback singer. I just used the title because alot of trinis have a problem saying KURMA… and thats what its all about coz today the fam made kurma for Eid-ul-Fitr… was supposed to be sunday but some bright person decided that during the week would be better… the less hands to turn sugar the better i guess… that and they felt that the kurma would dry out by the time Friday rolled around…

so i hadda start when the flour done mix already co well i wasnt there… i had to go do some chauffeur duties… and yes Eastern Main Road traffic on a morning still sucks… took me two hours roundtrip… well only 20 minutes going against… People’s Partnership sort it out fast… as Tech_tt does say Public Transportation… fix up d ting so people would use it nah… anyhow… so i reach when they were rolling out the dough and cutting it into strips and then kinda cubing it… i say kinda coz it have a lil twist to it… and i do mean twist… yuh does squeeze the length a lil bit with yuh hand and den cut it into 1-2 inch ‘cubes’… with a 90 roll in between every cut… so is not cubed… more like cubish…

after that well yuh fry it… drop it in the boiling oil until golden brown… if yuh like it darker… or burnt… well leave it longer… yuh drain it… and then leff it to cool while you put up the sugar dat will be used to coat it… so when the sugar ready yuh does drizzle ah whole heap over yuh kurma and then start tuh turn… turn dat kurma like yuh going mad… yuh haffi coat all d kurma with the sugar and then keep turning/folding it until the sugar starts to dry… now it will start to get its white coating… kinda like icing sugar on a donut… mmm donuts… and then viola… yuh done… time to eat it…

i real sorry i eh have the recipe eh and the only maths i have is that a 5 pound bag of flour does end up becoming an eight pound bag of kurma… and yuh does use 2 pound of sugar to every 5 pounds of flour… and then one cup of water to every 2 pounds of sugar… i lorse yuh yet wid da math… doh worry… i tell dem make a copy fuh meh so that nex year i could make meh own… apparently the scale does weigh less when it comes time to share my portion… no worries…

kurma process

the kurma making process

so eef i eh check een before Friday… Eid Mubarak to one and all and allyuh behave allyuh self this long weekend… doh go an drink coz ah what yuh hear in d budget tomorrow… yuh hadda save all dat yuh could… and if yuh doh wah save it… invest it on me… i need funds to go and study some flim… doh fraid to contact me… bandwagonist (at) bandwagonist.com or sanmanbandi is the gmail…

  1. 7 September, 2010 at 14:47

    looking good. they save the turning the kurma for you? that part was hard work but then you get to find all the special sugary gingery bits in the basin.
    Mom made ladoo. With nobody around to take pictures!
    Eid Mubarak!

    • 7 September, 2010 at 15:39

      all available hands get in on the turning… self included… i fasting so i eh get to nibble on any bits… used remaining sugar on the… thinking about cake.ice-cream topping.. or as a crust for cheese cake… maybe even make a chocolate bar… ideas ideas…

      barfee making later…

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