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now just this week the Minister of SPALK Sport announced that Nicki Minaj was coming to T&T to launch some LOCAL thingy… i was kinda taken aback as to why we juss eh use Maximus and 3Canal.. Gyazette or sumbody who actually here instead but that is beside the point now.. coz BARBIE say she eh contracted to perform in Trinidad fuh nuttin next month…
so right now Anil Roberts muss be balling WHAAAAAAAT! like 10 tarzan… oh and even if he has egg on his face i blame BRAXTON

Meanwhile, chief executive officer of Hypro Ltd and D Project Records, Darryl Braxton—the man responsible for bringing the artiste to Trinidad—said Minaj was an obvious choice, given her strong Trinidadian roots. He said Minaj would perform for “about 35-45 minutes.” However, Braxton said, the cost to bring the “Your Love” singer was still “being worked out.” He also shied away from divulging ticket prices for the upcoming event but promised that all would be revealed soon. “I have high hopes that the show would be a success. I started a buzz. Even before we announced it my phone has been ringing off the hook. I’m confident it will be successful,” he added.

read the press here…



same day UPDATE

me here… saw this tweet by ttENT and RTed it… they subsequently deleted it…

fi real ==> RT @ttentcompany: Reports that @NickiMinaj will not be coming to T+T are FALSE!! Her management JUST confirmed Sept 23rd 2010.


next day update

After @NICKIMINAJ posted that she's not contracted 2 b in T'dad-promotion for the "event" continues

After @NICKIMINAJ posted that she's not contracted 2 b in T'dad-promotion for the "event" continues... image courtesy @ChrissyNantz

  1. wuzdescene
    26 August, 2010 at 14:38

    steups …. dis is real crap …. Nicki Minaj of all people ….

    Other than the 3 bomb acts dat yuh mention …. it have REAL other local talent out there …. dat nobody eh know about …. cuz nobody eh want tuh give dem ah chance ….

    and steups again …. cuz the irony of importing somebody tuh promote LOCAL!!!!!

  2. knycky
    28 August, 2010 at 14:29

    Steupes!!! Dey mite as well bring Rupaul (no disrespect sir, oopps, Mam)

    De sad ting is people go real bad talk and carry down de promoter(s) AND does turn round and go and support de ish.

    In de words ah de cabbage patch…”ROGER DAT!”

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