mixed messages

PM says one thing and then endorses another? he probably doesnt know what a gyallis is.. considering i didnt know what a chongos was…

Apparently accustomed to the “Father of the Nation” jokes flung his way since 1995, the large number of youths present prompted Manning to share a slew of fatherly advice.
The night’s Manning motto included:
• If you can’t be a responsible father, keep your zipper up.
• Macho it’s not, to have kids all over the place.
• Love your chile mother.
• Men: pull yourselves up.
• …Women want proper husbands.
• They don’t want “chongoes.”
• Lay off the chicken and chips.
“How ah talking… I don’t want to overdo it,” Manning paused in pulpit mode.

thanks for the fatherly advice and for the entertainment at the Youth rally yesterday…

PS PM i dont think one of your candidates will be too pleased with you telling people to lay off Chicken & ChipsJAPS!

  1. 16 May, 2010 at 1:45

    yeah thanks for the Jamrock. Ammm, ah doh know eh, ah just arksin. Does that really gain points? Youths really going out now to vote for pnm, because of Vegas (or whoever the heaven the one that was there is)? Just asking? If that’s so, Kams should bring V Kartel, apparently he’s the one “mashing up” these days with his clarkes and other numerous hits. *smh*

    • 16 May, 2010 at 1:58

      i doh know if it gains any points… an artist may lose some from me by endorsing a political entity in my state while being mum on affiliation in their own…

      and during this whole campaign all involved have been losing points with me… none have made any gains when it comes to capturing my vote…

      all i really question during all of these campaigns is where is the money coming from… and who expecting payback when who-so-ever gains control of the Government…

      oh yeah… there were LOCAL acts… Peter C. Lewis, Adesh Samaroo and Iwer George all graced the stage… from what i saw… i dont know who else benefited from this Rally apart from the Sound, Video and Concession stands… unless everything was for FREE… coz IWER waste a whole case of Blue WATER…

  2. Chica
    16 May, 2010 at 16:18

    That’s funny:-) When the chick came out a few years ago and said that Manning was the father of her child he never took legal action. I think there must be some truth to her story and Manning himself might have trouble keeping his zipper up.:-)

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