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all i can say is… POWERFUL

  1. de_real_dwears
    27 April, 2010 at 4:59

    1st words: WAT DA FUCK WAS THAT?!?!

    Right, now for a comment on it(I don’t do reviews). This vid is MAD!!!!! I was drawn to it due to the hype it create, cause I don’t know the artist, and when I first listened to the sound minus the video, it is tight, but I didn’t get the grasp of it……..till I saw that video.

    After much searching, I finally found an open portal where I could peep through, and what did I see? I saw a whole new world, an evil world, a negative world, but a world that I live among, even here in T&T, and it scared me. I could even say, now that we are in silly season(elections), it made me realize that this world is only one flip of the frying pan away from shit like this.

    It’s a song that I can only say raises my awareness of how happy I use to be. I say this cause, even in Trinidad, we are losing our ‘FREEDOM’. (spoiler alert!!) No, police not picking us up n letting us run through a minefield, BUT we do feel, at times, that we are tagged for being different, and it’s only a matter of time before we have rights of freedom taken away from us. After all, we hear complaints from residents in OUR “poor” areas, where police break down doors, beat those inside and take away someone. Read your newspapers.

    This song will raise awareness to the downtrodden. It will be played in the areas from Paki to Congo to POS. U think I’m overdoing it? Maybe, but I know MTV said, “With its gruesome violence, brutal subject matter, and grim message, M.I.A.’s “Born Free” video isn’t the kind of thing you’re ever really prepared to see, it’s especially tough to watch.” but it’s important to watch, as it festers, it makes us aware of what is happening around us. There is alot of politics entwined into it, and we need to see this one, try to swallow it, and learn from it…..so it doesn’t happen anywhere near us.

    Nuff said. Peace.

  2. knycky
    28 April, 2010 at 0:20

    Ok…The video totally distracted me from the lyrics-couldn’t hear most of it. But as you continue to watch and definitely hear the shrill “I WAS BORN FREE”) you get the message. I get it. It’s interesting that I thought the very same thing that D Wears did, before I even saw his “comment.”

    Some of the footage made me think of the Laventille & Betham (Gardens), I imagine when I hear residents calling on 102.1fm on a daily basis to complain about. And yes, this is happening everywhere, all over the world except Westmoorings *pong at the PO PO* (An aside, has America ever apologized to any of our good citizens that were refused entry onto their shores? Damage control does not suit you, oops, me, opps again us! We only look disturbed, desperate, and most of all DAMN SILLY! Soory I write how I speak & think.

    Yes MTV it’s grim. But you’re great at reality shows so deal!

    I’m scared each time my brother leaves the the house cause he lives in Powder Magazine and if the Police feel to make a drive by their “the ghetto” (we don’t live in any ghetto eh, our mentality above that), he could be taken down because they didn’t like how he looked at them, or how he, or he, you get my picture. Long time, we use to see dem things on American shows and news, Police targeting the black man re Rodney King. That happening in sweet T&T!!!

    The style of the track really out the box (for me). But the message the artiste, producer, director sending is an important one and for that I salute them.

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