20 second PALANCE

well i really wasnt gonna chime in on d whole @bpartofit B3 BEYONCE concert mess… well coz i didnt go… so the only opinion i cudda offer up was that i hoped T&T through TSTT was gettin value for their money.. read reviews and there are those for and against… watching some clips on YouTube that came up in my ever so often Trinidad search.. i think that ppl who went to see a performace got just that.. those who went to hear her sing.. well allyuh get robbed.. those who went fuh doubles well.. yuh cudda get it for alot less elsewhere…

now memba i basing these comments.. my opinion.. on what i seeing pon YouTube.. what TSTT say in d Papers… and my expectation of what a concert by Grammy winning artists should be.. should i also mention the I AM Las Vegas Concert BluRay/DVD has been available since the announcement that B was coming to T&T…

B3 staging area from a distance

B3 staging area from a distance

first off… when i saw the venue being boarded up i say WHOA what a spread.. then came the Teardown and I saw things that I never b4 witnessed in T&T for a concert.. there were proper facilities for changing room and all dat kinda ting.. yuh know dem converted containers dat made into office an ting yeah dem ting dey… i real sorry i eh get pics of that… not the usual 10×10 tent and yuh still in d grass dat HD and dem accustomed to… naah is level Aircondition ting… so TSTT and LAY… allyuh take allyuh praise for treating B good… as if allyuh had a choice…

now onto what i see.. no i not gonna talk about how pricey.. the same one who wasnt for said concert… waded into the promoters and the organization of concert… i basing it off d videos that all over d innernetz.. from dem in GEN-POP who B say she see… check the first vid i have dey bout 3:45 in… to all d odder who couldnt see Machel… coz the screens were off and then too low… i dunno if da was B own too.. coz the camera work didnt look like what we offer in T&T… moving on… I personally find that B eh sing enuff… from d 25 minutes that i see.. she real let dem tracks pla.. i doh wah hear no bloody excuse dat she tired… when Gentleman come and make meh go in d ZEN.. coz he iz one a meh fav artist… d man sing all ah he choon… he eh put d microphone and say allyuh sing.. and guess what he was on a tour too…

and now TSTT saying that they lorse money… OGO… like they expected to make a profit on shelling out over TT$30MILLION… JOKERS.. sorry not jokers.. them is professionals.. who hire two sportsmen to plan a FETE.. and i think that is where the problem is.. it wasnt a FETE.. it was supposed to be a WORLD CLASS CONCERT… doubles.. wah you feel it is.. ah All Inclusive.. i wah some smoked salmon wrap around some kinda smelly cheese dat does mek me feel to vomit… bring on some sushi and all dem kinda bougie ting.. is frickin BEYONCE.. not some bogus LOCAL entertainer… who never make a Billboard chart

all kicks aside.. TSTT has been wasting money all the years b4 by hosting the FREE4ALL in Woodford Square.. and with this now completely divested company more wastage is gonna be happening… its landline services which are TSTT branded.. bmobile cellular… blink internet DSL and do they still have dialup? also promised to launch WiMax by end of January.. wait we nearly in March and no sight of it as yet… blink entertainment that is cable like TV.. if yuh doh have the internet box yuh gots to get it to be entertained.. and they have a security thingy called VIGILANCE… they shudda install that by BC fuh free considering they endorse him and give him contract to manage events… the same vigilance that does only call d police.. nuttin else.. not like they have private security coming by yuh house in 3 minutes… end rant…

so i get some tings out meh head.. i really trying to post some things to get dem damn posts with the autoplaying vids off d front page too eh… i eh forget allyuh.. just having fun in another forum… nobehaviourshow.com

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