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embracing the inner-net

decided to rant yet again on this after reading danijones’ post… got the link via twitter and didnt even realise that it was supposed to be linked back to my Large is Large Panormama 2010 post..

the title inner-net… the inner is us here in Trinidad & Tobago and the net is the internet… world wide web… cyberspace… whatever you want to call it…

this is a short rant tho… just to be clear that ive blabbed on this kinda topic before…

  • SOCAlled marketing
  • SOCA on iTunes
  • the belief in the music has to start at home

    when will these people… Promoters, Event Planners, Artistes… start to embrace the online component?

    i read Marc Lyndersay‘s interview with Mista Vybe for his BitDepth article in the Trinidad Guardian last week about Social Media initiatives.. the sad part was that Lil Bitts declined to be interviewed…

    Shivonne Churche, in an e-mail sent by her management, refused to be interviewed for this column.

    WTH! i would have jumped at the opportunity to put my name and opinion out there… oh well i guess that the name will still generate search results as it is in the article… but it has damaged the brand for me… i kinda want to know why the request was denied…

    i have been called out on my brand… coz i expressed a different opinion before… just last month i was asked if i was the same bandwagonist… i asked if there was someone else dumb enough to use that term… it was in relation to a post… that seemingly attacked an individual… oh well what is Carnival without BACCHANAL

    now danijones’ piece is about BRANDING… well that’s how i see it… and i was also reminded that i posted a comment on Saucy’s Trinidad Carnival Diary on how TriniScene could damage their brand… well with me anyway… by not delivering on advertised services… admittedly they are LIVE streaming events… i will not name another who streamed a Bank fete this weekend until they actually create a Privacy Policy and have proper Terms of Use… that brand is damaged…

    when you think about how many Trinis are connected in some way or the other… you cant stick to get the content out there… last year we were blabbing online about streaming INTERCOL/Secondary School games… guess what… i was reliably informed that the idea is being pitched to one of the main sponsors to do just that… and all broadcast games would also be available for viewing after the fact… countless opportunities abound… these players could be scouted easier now… anyway back to CARNIVAL…

    PANTRINBAGO… TUCO… etal… what allyuh goin to do about this… all dem years i went into the tents to record the nights proceedings… where is the footage… allyuh upload it to YouTube or host it yuhself nah… yeah yuh funding get cut this year but what have yall been doing in the previous years… allyuh better doh come with the promoters excuse either… a set a fraud dem… so many years of hosting/earning and allyuh still beggin fuh money…

    RANT getting too deep… check out the links and when allyuh serious about streaming LIVE and archiving content contact me… i on Twitteron Facebook… or just leave a comment somewhere… it starts from/at home… doh wait fuh dem to tief it to do something…

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    1. 13 February, 2010 at 17:43

      There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you gave some good info though.

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