its an infection

with no known cure…

no other way to describe what its like being in Trinidad around Carnival… its infectious… if it doesnt affect you you probably live somewhere between Blanchieusse and Matlot… seriously… year after year i try to keep on the sidelines and i always find myself at at leat one event… last year it was taking the trek to see the little pieces of Tunapuna Carnival… J’ouvert and Main Parade included…

now there are many people who claim to not be bothered by Carnival… why then do they flock to the beaches and other extremities… even Tobago… to go and Camp… some even fly out… now ok Carnival isnt for everyone but just admit that it affects you…

now Carnival can’t be complete without SOCA… and this is the means by which one gets infected… catching the Carnival Jumbie is very easy… you simply need to hear 3-5 minutes of POWER SOCA to get in the mood… after you get tired of the Jumping and Waving you then find a nice GROOVY set to chip/tap your feet to…

right now this infection has no cure… even religion cannot save you… yuh does see some ah dem in church getting Ashes on Wednesday morning… and you know what i’ve tested positive… my only problem is that i can’t afford the medication to appease the infection… no funds for fetes… panorama… King & Queens… whatever remains of the Calypso Tents… i get occassional relief from the Pan side around the corner but that isnt enough…

cause i got some relief… on the same day… there were Folk and Old Time Characters on Parade on the Main Road… check out the pics here… on Facebook… doh worry SCENE it set to public…

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